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{December 24, 2010}   Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to get out of professional suits and put on the holiday spirit to enjoy fullest. During Christmas, towns are decorated beautifully with colored lights, shiny decorations and ornaments. The complete environment is magical with people singing Christmas carols and spreading smiles on every face. Christmas has its own charm and people start preparing for the Day weeks before it comes. Today, Christmas is more about commercialization than what it traditionally used to be. But in this race to be first of all, we miss the actual essence of the BIG DAY. All of us need to take a step forward to bring that spirit back. Christmas is a blissful time when it’s more important to show love towards family & Friends, raise money for charity and share blessing.

Merry ChristmasEveryone is excited to decorate their homes and Christmas Tree to show off their best. People organize parties to enjoy the Eve. Apart from this, food plays an important role in making Christmas parties a Hit. As no one can resist the delicious cakes, tempting puddings, mouth melting chocolate and much more. It’s the perfect time to strengthen the bond between family and do something special to make people feel extraordinary.

Undoubtedly, Christmas shopping and giving gifts are the two major events of the festive season. Most of the retailers give some best of their deals and offers during the season. So, this Christmas make the day merrier for family & friends. Get innovative and creative to plan surprises for everyone and feel the happiness within.

😛 8) Merry Christmas..!!


{November 24, 2010}   Happy Thanksgiving Day!

An important day before Christmas is standing outside your door to step in. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is not only about saying “Thank You”, it’s about making people around feel special for being there. No doubts, in this ultra fast generation, we are moving towards new heights of success at a faster rate, but we are lagging behind in humanity. While satisfying our hunger for success all of us have forgot about the blessings of God, received in form of family and friends.

thanksgiving day
Everyone will agree on the fact that all of us are drowning into luxuries, holding burden of the world in hands, and can’t find time to love and appreciate, what we have. But yes, still we have time to whine and complain.. On Thanksgiving Day just, Stop and Think, What we actually have? Thanksgiving Day reveals the secret to appreciate abundance and live happily. It’s a pier necessity to thank Almighty God for all the love and affection He has shredded on us.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is that amazing time of the year, when we show our gratitude, affection, love and appreciation to everyone. It’s about bringing the complete family together around the same table for meal and share blessings, feelings and fill empty vents in each other. So, enjoy finger licking food and spread magic all around with two simple words” Thank You“.


{October 29, 2010}   Top Hairstyles For Winter 2010!

Winter is on its way. Few days are left for October to end. Soon, we will be facing the lower temperatures and harsh weather. So, it’s the right time to look for winter hairstyles. While going for a hot trendy look, the real challenge is to choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape and personality. This year you can find chic and sophisticated hairstyles on ramp. These hairstyles look girly yet playful. Give your personality a beautiful sexy look with the latest hair trends.


Loose Hairstyle
Allowing to fall your hairs naturally around your body is simple but if styled properly with a wavy way, they’ll look simply amazing. These natural looking hairstyles are easy to obtain but you need to use right kind of styling products and tools. This is one of the sexiest look anyone can have. You can wet your hair for a defined look.

Stylish Bun
Bun hairstyle is a great choice to look fabulous at any occasion, be it formal or casual. This hairstyle demands low maintenance and you have wide options for the same. Bun hairstyles or stylish updos, are perfect for both casual and professional occasion. It looks elegant and classy.


Gorgeous Ponytails
Ponytails are one the most popular and easy to go with hairstyle. This hairstyle is back with new version from low, to one side, center high and allowed to fall sleek straight or curly. This hairstyle suits any hair type.

Braided Hairstyle
Seems to be increasing in popularity is the braided hairstyle. Numerous braiding techniques are available these days. Choose from any of stylish and trendy fairytale braid, fishtail braids or loose side ponytail braids. Braids if created properly look amazingly stylish.

Select popular hairstyle that goes best with your persona. Every time, you can give a new look and add a fashion statement to your personality.

Paco Rabanne, one of the famous Franco-Spanish fashion designers, is now heading towards Sephora US stores for his new fragrance range. Paco Rabanne has made a strong statement in the fragrance world with the creation of Paco Rabanne pour Homme perfume, the essence of virility and seduction.

Almost forty years ago, fashion designer Paco Rabanne was one of the first to challenge preconceptions in the cozy world of fragrances. Today, that same provocation, fantasy, and humor are still prevailing in his scents. 1 Million and Lady Million Baby are his latest aromatic adventures that embody the eternal glamor of gold and diamonds in blends as well as bottles. Both fragrances are equally experimental, eclectic, and approachable too. From couture to pret-a-porter, perfumes to accessories, Rabanne has never stopped innovating in a striking way. Have a look at two of the new fragrances by Paco Rabanne at

paco rabanne one million fragrancepaco rabanne million dollar baby fragrance

1 Million fragrance is for the man who embraces his identity with pride. While this spicy, leathery scent evokes fantasy and desire. Exuding a magnetic confidence, the gold-bar bottle of this perfume symbolizes its undeniably attractive powers. Together, they create a bold, yet purposefully humorous, picture that paints 1 Million wearer as someone who uses his charms to obtain everything he wants. Priced within range of $22.00 – $70.00, this men’s fragrance is truly a must-have for winters.

For a confident, independent woman, Paco Rabanne has always designed timeless dresses full of character and fragrances that evoke true sophistication. Lady Million is a dazzling scent for sensual and creative woman. Ultra-feminine and strikingly bold, she is vivacious and natural. The seductive mixture of raspberry, bitter orange and smooth florals creates an extravagant, yet unassuming romance. Lady Million fragrance is excessive, but never satisfied. No man can resist her and only a few can win her over, except for the irresistible 1 Million man, of course. So ladies, buy a Lady Million fragrance now for $20.00 – $88.00 and give boost to your sensations.

Besides these fragrances, Sephora is also providing Paco Rabanne 1 Million After Shave Balm ($36.00) and Lady Million Sensual Body Lotion ($45.00). So, head towards Sephora and take advantage of Sephora coupons to grab your Paco Rabanne fragrance with savings. Don’t forget to enter Paco Rabanne Sweepstakes to win a trip to Las Vegas.

Happy Shopping!

As a woman grows in her forties, skin slowly looses its moisture and elasticity, making the complexion dull and blister. Women are not only experiencing difficulty from acne flareups, but also from combating dry skin and potential wrinkles. Regular beauty skincare is the only way to achieve beautiful skin and preventing premature aging. By adapting certain beauty tricks, you can help yourself to keep looking great and not fake. By following few basic skin care steps given below and treating one’s skin according to skin type, can help in looking healthy and vigorous.

Skincare Beauty Tips

  • Eat Full Balanced Diet

In later years, women who are overweight should take extra care of their health and try to consume low calorie food. Slim and trim figure adds as much to the look of a youthful skin. It is advised for women near forties to have a full balanced diet which should include fresh fruits, vegetables, at least two cups of milk daily, and take food rich in vitamins and minerals, which help in keeping skin healthy. Avoid sugary, starchy fried foods and dishes which contain carbohydrates because after crossing 40 there is a decrease in functional activity of body, which in turn slows down the process of digestion.

  • Daily Cleansing of Skin

It is essential for women above forties to do cleansing of skin twice a day. Avoid cleansers with alcohol or harsh detergents. If possible perform three steps – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Because after cleansing, toner will remove extra oil and unclog pores, and apply light moisturizer for best results. If one forgets to wash their face or clean it and leave the makeup on, then pores become clogged and can’t get properly rejuvenate – which is the main cause of aging!

  • Use Safe Skincare Products

For body beauty gentle wash once a day works to get rid of the body dirt. After taking a bath or shower, it is important to apply body moisturizer to skin, which helps to attain body moisture. Periodically ex-foliate your body skin to unclog body pores. It is must to use skincare products with good ingredients. Ingredients that are beneficial for your skin are aloe vera, witch hazel, green tea, chamomile, and Vitamin E. Choosing wrong skincare products can be a recipe for disaster and may result in breakouts, clogged pores, dry patches, or even an allergic reaction.

So take a little step forward to look youthful and charming in your 30’s and 40’s. Healthy and beautiful skin help to build confidence in you in front of people.

Prom nights are still going on, and if you are teenager then you might be planning lot of things to look best at prom. Besides other planned things, one thing which effects personality of a person is – Hairstyle. Today one could see various hairstyles for men having long, short or medium haircut. The only thing to look best in them is to carry them well. Here in this article we will talk and see various cool and trendy hairstyles on short hairs.

Short hairs are always in trend. They never go out of frame and always give a clear look, what ever style one would prefer. Short haircut makes a good impression on girls and are often liked by them. One could go with different hairstyles even with short hairs like a rock style look, classic look, parting hairstyle, or even with funky look. One only needs to do small settings with hairs with help of various hair products available in market or take help of hair saloon.

Finding just right prom mens hairstyle on a short note can be bit difficult. Below are few selected, cool looking and trendy hairstyle for prom 2010. In short haircut also, if one wants to look different from all in their prom night then celebrity inspired prom short hairstyles will also work. Below one could see Brand Pitt short haircut, David Beckham cool hairstyle and Leonardo Di Caprio haircut.

leonardo short hair stylebrad pitt short hairstylebeckham hair style

So friends, what are you waiting for or still in dreams. Just go and have your favorite celebs look for your 2010 prom. Brad Pitt’s hairstyle is very cool. What’s your favorite?

Everyone today is busy in his/her work, responsibilities, and family, whether he or she may be a men, women or child. So at the end of the day everyone is so stressed up that they need a stress relief doze. During that time, you need something that takes out all your stress, make you and your muscles relax, and give peace to your mind. But after a stress of full day, people are so tired that they hardly manage to go out for some relaxing activities like for a spa treatment. What if one has a portable spa in his home? Wow that is so cool, a portable spa! A portable spa provides you with relief of both physical and mental stress at a end of a long day.

Owning a home spa offers you much more than simply relaxation and entertainment values. And if a spa is a portable spa then the excitement is much more. One of the important feature of home portable spa is that they can be taken to any area of your house. Spa in a box or other portable spas are ideal way to save time and capture more relaxation time. Here are some of the portable home spas from the house of Home Depot.

Spa2Go Portable Hot Tub:
Spa2Go Portable Hot Tub includes just three easy steps that are- plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet, then fill with a garden hose and finally accompanying motor inflates the spa in ten minutes. With help of spa’s thermostatic control panel one could adjust water temperature to preferred heat level. This portable spa hot tub includes a pump system with a filter unit, which makes sure that recirculated water remains fresh. It has a low energy cost and includes a built-in seat, cushioned side panels for reclining comfort, and a locking cover.

Spa2Go Portable Hot Tub

Spa2Go Portable Hot Tub

Lime-n-a-Spa Inflatable Spa:
Enjoy a relaxing spa wherever you like anywhere at your home without any complicated or costly installation. Lime-n-a-Spa Inflatable Spa inflates in minutes yet has all of the vigorous heated jet action of permanently installed models. One could enjoy 250 gallons of heated turbojet water that rejuvenate and soothes tight, tired muscles. It includes three simple steps: 1) Plug into a standard 110 volt outlet, 2) Fill with a garden hose, 3) Set up in under 10 minutes. This inflatable spa will go where you go.

Lime-n-a-Spa Inflatable Spa

Lime-n-a-Spa Inflatable Spa

Having a portable home spa has its own benefits and are as easy as you desire. You can actually enjoy benefits of a spa without even having a hot tub and by simply using the way one like. Home Depot has huge variety of portable spas which are perfect for spa treatment and a doze for a stress relief. Take advantage of Home Depot promotion code and online deals to order products from this store at discounted prices.

Every girl wants to look fabulous on her special date, prom night or on her wedding day. Updo hairstyles look great on any occasion. One of the hottest trend in summer hairstyles for 2010 is — Updo Hairstyle. To create a perfect hair updo for your face shape, hair color and length of hair must be considered. When one creates perfect hair updo for a special occasion, choose one that nicely frames your face, hair color, length of hair, and suits your outfit, and also hold well till the end of the event. Updo hairstyles are difficult to get but still they are kind of art, and will look gorgeous if made properly.

There are variety of updo hairstyles according to the occasion. Formal or even casual updo hairstyle looks graceful and give you comfort in summer season. One could get an idea for their short, medium length or long hair from hair magazines and celebrity hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for finding a new hairstyle. Celebrity updo hairstyles have low or high styles. Low updo represent simplicity and with that they look best on heavily adorned dresses. Where as high updo hairstyles look great on long hairs which appeals to be very versatile. High updos look best with loose curly, pinned hair or waves and low updo hairstyles can go nearly with any hair texture.


Curly Updo Hairstyle
Curly updos are at top in the list of updo hairstyles because no other updo can look as elegant and romantic as updo hairstyle with ringlets. These hairstyle look great and go with both medium and long hairs. In curly updos one could go for several styles that involve piles of curls at the top of the head. It provide flexibility of a formal or casual look. One could easily make them in home by using a curling iron.

curly updo

Curly Updo

Elegant Look
Elegant updos is suitable for women whose texture is fine with medium to long hair. Elegant updos add a feminine look to your personality. Even one could add some accessory to their hairs to give an elegant touch. This hairstyle is used especially for the events like weddings, prom parties or any other formal occasion. While applying this type of updo hairstyle it is important to consider one’s hairs length and texture.

elegant updo

Elegant Updo

Half Updo Hairstyle
Half updos are popular trend for 2010, it is a more casual option and looks well with evening gowns or wedding dresses. As name implies, in this style only upper half portion of hairs will be done into an updo style and rest hang loose in back. It is suitable for long hairs but could easily be achieved by shoulder-length hairs. Half up half down hairstyles are a wonderfully romantic and keep the hairs out of the face.

half updo

Half Updo

This year try out different cuts and designs which you like to achieve. But keep few things in mind that the style which you opted suits you. Most importantly don’t start thinking about your hairstyle few minutes before you are going out and don’t try nothing new for the first time before going to some special occasion.

Shu Uemura introduces puRENovate Total Solution, its first purifying program to answer combination and oily skin concerns. Inspired by mystic blooming power of Water Lily and its long time appreciated medical use; this total solution package contains three products — Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer, Intense Pore Perfecting Solution, and Clarifying Refreshing Lotion.

These skincare products are designed to fight against external skin stresses such as UV/pollution and internal hormonal stresses that create excess oil. The skin looks clean and matte with less visible appearance of pores. Here’s a quick preview of puRENovate total solution range.

puRENovate Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer:
Its a gel-like moisturizer that instantly mattifies skin while maintaining its delicate moisture balance. Special polyamide microspheres absorb excess oil to refine skin, while water lily extract purifies, for a matte yet radiant complexion. Continue>>

Shu Uemura Purenovate Skincare Solution

Shu Uemura Purenovate Skincare Solution

Airbrush Makeup is perfect to create a flawless face and most of top celebrities love it. It is very effective and easy to apply. All you need to get a perfect look, is an airbrushing kit, applying it properly and you are ready to rock every party. It is best for busy people who don’t have much time for full face makeup.


Airbase Airbrush Makeup

Airbase Airbrush Makeup at Home kit is a great way to get a diva look, every day without need of a professional makeup artist. Airbase Home use Airbrushing Kit helps one to enjoy a flawless spray makeup at home everyday. It consist of all equipments needed for airbrush makeup. It comes with four shade sets for every skin complexion along with two blushers, a bronzer and a primer. Continue>>

2010 prom season is at its peak. If you’re a teenager, then you might have started preparations a month ago. Your dress, accessory would be ready, but have you planned for a lovely hairstyle which suits you and go with your prom dress. If not, then this time try something different from routine spring/summer hairstyle. If you have long hairs, then try various hairstyles as there is long list of hairstyles for long hairs. Now here are some long wavy curls styling for long hairs for prom 2010. Many celebrities have been spotted with curly and wavy hairstyles. You can try one out of them and be special on your prom night.

megan fox long Wavy curlsmegan fox long Wavy curls with puff

If you’re looking for a sultry-sexy hairstyle for prom night, then Megan Fox is a best reference for you all. Her beauty, mysterious edges and her sultry style is different from all and captivates attention. Her gorgeous hairstyles on red carpet always leaves us guessing what she will do next. From her elegant long curls to sleek updo, Megan has done it all. Check out some of Megan Fox hairstyles for your 2010 prom.

Girls who have long curly blonde hair or girls who want to experiment something different with long wavy curls, then Taylor Swift could be a perfect example for these hairstyles. She has been noticed on red carpet for many of her formal hairstyles. You can see her in her luxurious curls which may be sometime side parted, glamorous updo or her long side swept curls which gave a radiant and sophisticated look. One could also accessorize their long curls with perfectly dainty headband like Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift long curly hairstyleTaylor Swift Side Swept hairstyle1

So girls, get ready for your prom night with celebrity hairstyles and add charm to your personality. Whether you want to try Megan Fox Hairstyle or Taylor Swift hairstyle, just go for it! You can go for free long wavy hairstyle, or wavy curls, as they look very elegant on any occasion and are very much popular and easy to have. If you want to enhance this look then go for a puff with long wavy curls or even opt long side swept curls which add glam to to your attitude.

It may not be a shock to the people to know that now a days men also give much pride to their appearances. Earlier, more emphasis were given on women’s style, clothing, haircuts etc, but as the world has changed, things also changed. These days stress is also laid on men’s styles, hairstyle, accessories and clothing. So now guys have also become more particular and concerned about their looks and especially haircut, as it deeply affects appearance.

Every man needs a regular haircut. Weather he has long or short hairstyle or even if one prefers to keep a seasonal hairstyle, each hairstyle requires much maintenance and care. In our previous section, we have discussed about Womens Spring 2010 Hairstyles. And now, we are discussing about some trendy, popular and classy Men’s Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2010.

In spring/summer 2010, the most popular trend of men’s hairstyle is short hairs. Many men including celebrities like Ricky Martin, Pierce Brosnan, Matt Lanter, Antonio Sabato, and Tobey Maguire prefer short hairs because it helps them to look more masculine, sexy, strong, stylish. It gives them a cleaner look and girls like this clean and clear look. For short length hair, keep one thing in mind that hairs must be equal on the top. And exciting feature of short hair is that it can suit any face-cut except the square-cut face.

mens short hairstyle trend

Mens Short Hairstyle Trend

There was an era when short haircuts were the standard for men, but this style statement has been changed from couples of years, and long hairs are very much into trend in 2010. Newest way to wear long hair is with lots of texture and long layers. Long hairs look very appealing if they are carried out with right attitude and right hair texture and complement to your personality. Many styles with long hairs could be seen on various websites, magazines or on TV. Johnny Depp, Keith Urban, Lenny Kravitz are some of the celebs who look very hot in long haircuts. And guys, if you have kept long hairs, you can also opt Braided Hairstyle.

mens long hairstyle trends

Mens Long Hairstyle Trends

Everyone like changes, and changes are admired. Many women believe that style makes a man look more sexy and trendy. Gone are the days when men usually preferred a short haircut or no haircut at all. But now men usually like to change their hairstyles according to the fashion and trend which is recently going on. This season classy hairstyles are also in a trend, they can go with both short and long hairs. Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are some of the celebs who were caught with this hairstyle in 2010. This hair style look best on formal occasions.

mens classic hairstyles trend

Mens Classic Hairstyles Trend

Your hairstyle is certainly not in a scene, if you have not changed your hairstyle according to new trend, which is playing this season. For 2010, many hairstyles are available for men to adopt. But one thing should be kept in mind the haircut should be such that, it suits your personality and face-cut. It should not be such that it look like a mesh on your head. So guys, get in the hottest hairstyle for spring 2010!!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea# 2

Perfumes are as unique as that women who wear them. Most of the ladies don’t step out of their house without wearing her favorite perfume. If your mother is just one of them, then it would be a great and wonderful idea to gift your mom a perfume on Mother’s Day. Perfumes are luxurious, appreciated and are mostly liked by all women.

While making a choice and shopping for Mother’s Day keep your mother’s favorite perfume in mind. And if you want to gift some other perfume then think about the fragrance she usually prefers, does she likes mild one or strong aroma. Do not limit yourself to perfumes only. One can even go for her favorite and luxurious body lotion or bath gel, or a Spa Gift Basket. Want to make her feel more special; then provide her with spa treatment coupons, which will be a real surprise for her plus it will make her feel happy and relaxed.

Vera Wang Princess gift setSpring Orchid Spa Sensation

There are huge variety of perfume and spa hampers available on the theme of Mother’s Day in market, spend some time in searching a fragrance which is most suitable for her lifestyle. One can shop for Mothers Day Perfume and spa gifts online available at attractive prizes in various shopping sites like and If you are far away from your mother and cannot gift her through meeting her then there are shopping sites who deliver goods at one’s mentioned address.

If your mom loves to collect perfumes, then ensure that perfume bottle should be as alluring as perfume inside it. She would appreciate the gesture and remember you with pleasant fragrance of perfume or spa gifts. Don’t forget to use Sephora coupons and Perfume Emporium coupons available at while shopping from these stores.

Many women face problem in getting their hairs removed, monthly or weekly, and often think for a laser hair removal package. But these packages are very costly and sometimes pocket does not allow that expensive treatment. So best product for this problem is Silk’n SensEpil, which is a home hair removal device which comes with proven clinical success and results of market leading Silk’n physician. It has been cleared by FDA for home use. Silk’n is only device, with FDA cleared indications, for removal of unwanted hair. It is a beauty tool that is safe and requires multiple treatments to have best results out of it.

Silk'n SensEpil

SensEpil is small, portable device about the size of your hand and is quite easy to use. It uses a special laser technology known as HPL. SensEpil hair removal device can be used anywhere on body. But there are some conflicting reports about its use on the face, some sources saying it shouldn’t be used due to potential harm to ones eyes, while other sources say it’s okay if it is used below the cheek line. To avoid this confusion it would be better to consult a SensEpil owner’s manual.

SensEpil is a great innovation but unfortunately it is not for everybody. Currently this product works only on lighter skin tones. HPL laser technology is not effective on darker skin tones for some reason. Luckily SensEpil comes with a skin tester, that will alert you if your skin tone is too dark thus rendering treatments ineffective. Before purchasing it you should consult various sources regarding it’s potential on your skin tone.

This device actually applies Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, which uses optical energy to disable hair growth. Then hair shaft absorbs this light energy and then transform it into heat. As in more detail this HPL technology is especially important because of its intensity which is said to be similar to what you see at a doctors office while getting professional laser hair removal treatments.

Traditional laser hair removal packages consist of 6 treatments over 8-12 months and their costs ranges from $3,000-$5,000 which is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by many Americans normally. But Silk’N SensEpil is an excellent alternative to traditional treatment, which is more affordable and actual device retails for $500, for 6 treatments with Silk’N SensEpil you can expect to spend roughly $750. Great news for people who are thinking to purchase SensEpil, as it is available for sale in United States and can be purchased online or direct through, and for $499.00.

Victoria’s Secret is about to launch its latest body-care collection called Secret Moments on March 23rd. This collection is created by Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio. Inspiration behind this collection is her personal memories from the past. These endearing memories from Brazilian bombshell come in the form of Über-sweet combinations of peach, coconut, sugarcane, and blue freesia.

Secret Moments Bodycare Collection

Secret Moments Bodycare Collection by Victorias Secret

This new Secret Moments collection reveals fragrant body care with effortlessly sexy Victoria’s Secret twist with 5 sexy new scents. This collection consists of body lotion, body cream, and body washes, inspired by unforgettable moments of her life.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty previewed this collection in New York City, with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio hosting and singer Adrienne Bailon. Each room of house was decorated to match the spirit of scents. But our favorite was ‘Girls Night’ – room filled with balloons. At Secret Moments Launch Party in addition to Alessandra Ambrosio there were guests including Adrienne Bailon and Christian Siriano.

These scents are lovely and they do remind us of different season or sensation. You will find difficulty in choosing your favorite scent as they all had a strong smell without being overpowering yet sweet and flavorful. Collection is available for order at Victorias Secret official website.

Who doesn’t love makeup. It is a way to enhance real beauty of a person. Women are the one who like to do proper makeup before they head out for any special event and one thing without which makeup can’t be regarded perfect is Eyeliner.

Eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup and its proper application can do wonders for both eyes and the face. Applying eyeliner in perfect way is not at all difficult, it just need little practice and tips.

Eyes With Eye Liner

Here are some Quick Tips on Perfect Eyeliner Application:

* Choose a pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner of best quality according to your choice.

* Choose apt eye liner shade according to your dress or your mood or preference. Black and brown eyeliners are most common choice.

* Now gently pull corner of your eye and draw a straight line on upper lash in one stroke from inside corner outwards. Continue>>

NARS Cosmetics is famous around the world for its miraculous makeup collection ehich its releases every season. is a cosmetics and skin care company. A company by makeup artist and photographer, Francois Nars, NARS cosmetics is personal favorite of many celebrities like Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

NARS has created various multi beauty products for eyes, lips, nails and face. Orgasm, Sin, Baby Doll, Exotica and Casino, all are names of successful makeup lines by NARS Cosmetics. NARS makeup collections are made taking in consideration the modern women who want to try something new every season.

Their makeup collections, are edgy, innovative, and empowering. NARS bronzers, blushes, body shimmers, eyeshadows, artist palettes, lipsticks, and liners are loved by legions of loyalists. With different classic and fashion-forward colors, NARS encourages women to experiment and express their individual beauty.

NARS Spring 2010 collection

NARS Spring 2010 Collection features soft, sexy shades that are elegant and at the same time versatile. For his latest collection, Francois Nars took inspiration from Catherine Deneuve’s role as Lucille in La Chamade. In this Spring collection he introduced a new shade of NARS nail paint which is gaining extreme popularity, and that’s the PURPLE RAIN nail polish.

Intensity of this Gothic purple nail polish is bright and audacious. It signifies a rocker chic, royalty, rebellious and refined look. This nail polish, like other collection of nail paints of NARS, is formed with an exclusive formula and technology, designed to improve flexibility, durability, wear and gloss properties. This purple rain nail polish formula provides a tough, durable chip-resistant finish and has added UV protection to prevent polish discoloration.

Makeup done on Amber Valletta, the model for this collection, is really influenced from late 60’s and early 70s fashion trend. You shop latest cosmetics deals and makeup collections by NARS, via and Don’t forget to use Nars Cosmetics coupons for shopping their products at discounted prices.

Everyone likes to look beautiful and just perfect. Whether it is a woman or man, all like to look fashionable and trendy, wherever they go. Today, designer clothing, shoes, bags and watches are high on demand but one thing without which a look can’t complete is Makeup. Makeup trends keep on changing and fashion loving women love to follow it by adopting latest style of doing make up. But one thing, that should be done with utmost precision is Eye Makeup. We all know eyes are regarded as one of the best feature in women. So, all you ladies out there, get acknowledged with latest trends in eye makeup along with tips on how to do it.

Eye Makeup Tips

Types and Tips on Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup
Smokey eye makeup is very much in trend today, as it look fabulous on everyone. Getting smokey eye make up is not at all difficult, you can even do it yourself. All you have to do is perfect blending of colors and to choose perfect makeup brush. It is like a key to smokey eye makeup. While choosing eye shadow or eyeliner for it, try to avoid blue hues, and go for black, gray, brown or dark green shadows and liners, instead. One more important point to remember is to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Some of nice mixes are soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue. Black is regarded perfect for creating smokey effect, but if you’re going for prom party then choose purple, greens, browns and golds which are great eyeshadow colors for creating smokey eyes. Apply darker color on about half of the eyelid and then go for lighter color to receive a smooth, uniform transition. Continue>>

Tarina Tarantino, the famous jewelry and accessories designer, has recently launched her makeup line. Celebrities, fashion stylists, and editors across the globe know Tarina Tarantino as the “Queen of Irreverent Luxury” and as an acces-sory designer who makes everything sparkle. This fuchsia-tressed former makeup artist is now sharing her passion for self-expression and playfulness with her new cosmetics collection that reveals her fun with sparkle.

Tarina Tarantino Makeup Collection

Inspired by her nostalgic-yet-modern jewelry line, Tarina has developed innovative products with high-quality, color-rich formulas and luxurious packaging. The main fact about this makeup line is the jewels on products are embedded manually. It seems that Tarina Tarantino will take girls of all ages on a fantastical journey, where they can express their own personal style and reveal their inner sparkle. Continue>>

Women love to do anything to look glamorous and versatile on any occasion. They style themselves according to latest trends in any context, from their trendy shoes to trendy jewelry, dressing style to hairstyle. While choosing all these things one should keep things in mind that all above mentioned things should go with each other in well suited manner. Like according to your dress which hairstyle will suit you the best and make you look unique. So, here you will come across the latest hairstyle trends of spring 2010 which will give you a feminine look this spring.

As hairstyles are like crowning glory for a women which enhances your personality and add glamor to your outlook. There are new spring hairstyle trends that are heavily influenced by recent Spring 2010 catwalks and celebrity looks.

wavy hairstyleslicked hairstyleKori Richardson in braided hairstyle

Waved hairstyle: After a decade curly waved haired women are embracing their luscious, curves in a form of, spirals and corkscrew curls. This spring is specially a wavy treat not a curly long hairs. These hairs go with any hair color. Wavy hairstyle looks awesome whether on side part or on center part. So this time on spring go for a look that combines sensuality and year’s fashion trends. This hairstyle can be seen in many spring 2010 catwalk shows of designers like one in Christian Dior Spring 2010 collection.

Slicked hairstyle: 2010 hairstyle that screams attitude is slicked hairstyle. It is perfect for younger generation, who want to try out different looks now and then. There are three slicked hairstyles to try out in 2010 which may suit your face cut such as slicked back, side slick, and Masculine/androgynous slicked hair. All slicked hairstyles are set with gel or with fingers providing a texture. Slicked back hairstyle mixes slicked back hairs across the top of head with textured length. And side slick is strongest of three slicked hairstyle trends for 2010. Slicked wet look was just seen in Alexander Wang and Thakoon Spring 2010 catwalks.

Plaited & Braided hairstyle: Milkmaid braids trend in 2009 evolves into a braided hairstyle trend in 2010. It looks elegant, comfortable and classy on everyone, whether she’s a working women or a housewife. There are two braided hairstyle looks for 2010 — long side braid, and a fish plait. This look was prominent on spring 2010 runway shows of Alexander Wang, Dsquared2 and Missoni. Side braid look can be paired with slicked side hair style and fish plait take on the simple pony tail. Both these hairstyles that is side braid and fish plait work great with a fringe. This hairstyle can go with any hair color.

So 2010 spring journey of hairstyles must have acquainted you with lots of ideas and options. Keep your look stylish and redefine your outlook by adding pitch of glam. So choose one that suits you best from above mentioned hairstyles and accentuate your femininity with style. For shopping various hair styling tools and hair care products at discounted prices, make use of Frizzy2Silky coupons or Nick Chavez coupons.

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