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{December 24, 2010}   Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to get out of professional suits and put on the holiday spirit to enjoy fullest. During Christmas, towns are decorated beautifully with colored lights, shiny decorations and ornaments. The complete environment is magical with people singing Christmas carols and spreading smiles on every face. Christmas has its own charm and people start preparing for the Day weeks before it comes. Today, Christmas is more about commercialization than what it traditionally used to be. But in this race to be first of all, we miss the actual essence of the BIG DAY. All of us need to take a step forward to bring that spirit back. Christmas is a blissful time when it’s more important to show love towards family & Friends, raise money for charity and share blessing.

Merry ChristmasEveryone is excited to decorate their homes and Christmas Tree to show off their best. People organize parties to enjoy the Eve. Apart from this, food plays an important role in making Christmas parties a Hit. As no one can resist the delicious cakes, tempting puddings, mouth melting chocolate and much more. It’s the perfect time to strengthen the bond between family and do something special to make people feel extraordinary.

Undoubtedly, Christmas shopping and giving gifts are the two major events of the festive season. Most of the retailers give some best of their deals and offers during the season. So, this Christmas make the day merrier for family & friends. Get innovative and creative to plan surprises for everyone and feel the happiness within.

😛 8) Merry Christmas..!!

{November 24, 2010}   Happy Thanksgiving Day!

An important day before Christmas is standing outside your door to step in. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is not only about saying “Thank You”, it’s about making people around feel special for being there. No doubts, in this ultra fast generation, we are moving towards new heights of success at a faster rate, but we are lagging behind in humanity. While satisfying our hunger for success all of us have forgot about the blessings of God, received in form of family and friends.

thanksgiving day
Everyone will agree on the fact that all of us are drowning into luxuries, holding burden of the world in hands, and can’t find time to love and appreciate, what we have. But yes, still we have time to whine and complain.. On Thanksgiving Day just, Stop and Think, What we actually have? Thanksgiving Day reveals the secret to appreciate abundance and live happily. It’s a pier necessity to thank Almighty God for all the love and affection He has shredded on us.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is that amazing time of the year, when we show our gratitude, affection, love and appreciation to everyone. It’s about bringing the complete family together around the same table for meal and share blessings, feelings and fill empty vents in each other. So, enjoy finger licking food and spread magic all around with two simple words” Thank You“.


{April 24, 2010}   Setting-up an Office Interior

Interior decoration is a trend these days. Earlier interior decoration was mainly used for decorating homes only. But, now the concept has changed and improved and these days interior decoration has become a must for offices also.

An individual mostly spends a long time in office. So, the office must have a good environment to make an employee relax and calm. Here are some points while planning for office interiors –

office furniture

office furniture

Furniture: Office furniture should be comfortable to sit and to work on. Enough space should be there in office for movement of furniture and other equipments. Office chairs should be comfortable enough so that one can sit with ease for long hours. Desktop should be of good quality and according to employee’s use. There should be at-least two or three drawers in it, so that one can put important documents separately.

Electrical requirements: Plugging and wiring should be properly done and these things should not mess up with each other. Electrical equipments that meet quality standards should be used in an office.

Reception and Conference room: The main two focus points of offices are – Reception and Conference room. One must take care of both areas. Reception area should be spacey and well furnished as it is “face of an office or a company”. It gives first impression of the office. Now, coming to Conference room decoration; it must be spacey with well ventilation. Proper lightening system must be there. It must be quite and sound proof and should be situated near to the entrance so that outsiders can find it easily. The necessities of a conference room are T.V, projectors, charts, two or three screens if required, cameras etc.

Working area: Working area should be properly maintained and with open space. Curtains should be used to cover windows. Beautiful and simple shades or blinds can also be used. It should be well furnished and well maintained.

Flooring: Carpets should be used on floors. Flooring of office can be wooden, marble or cemented to avoid walk noisiness and for easy maintenance.

Washroom: Washrooms should be in adequate numbers, according to number of staff members. An exhaust fan must be there in washroom. Washrooms should be separate for men and women both.

Storage area: Almira and office cabinets are important part of office furniture. They are used storing important files and documents. It will help in providing messy free space.

By applying these points you can get a well furnished office. Various office supplies are available at many online stores like Office Max and Office Depot. You can order products from these stores at discounted prices by using Office Max coupons and Office Depot coupons.

Every time misplaced documents take up good amount of your time. Even filed papers can mesh-up, if they aren’t stored properly and neatly. Office cabinets are simple and perfect way to increase your storage space and arrange documents in a sequenced manner. Office cabinets can help to hold everything from file folders to laptops, and computer gadgets when they are not in use. They are available as per the need of user in wide range of styles and sizes.

Cabinets for office can be available in good designs and in wide range of shapes which will suit your interiors.

Simple Office Cabinet: These cabinets can be categorized according to shapes and styles. Such cabinets can be in wider side but short length, which consists of huge cupboards and can be used to store things of some what bigger in size like your computer accessories when not in use. It can also have drawers above the cupboard which can used for contemporary storage.

HON 1600 Series Pull-File Pedestal Cabinet

HON 1600 Series Pull-File Pedestal Cabinet

Another range of style in this category are cabinets with long height and short width. These cabinets are best choice for offices where accommodation is a problem. It has spacious interiors and versatile storage space. This tall beauty offers you space for placing your coats jackets, drawers for holding files.

Cabinet joint with book Shelves: Joint wall book shelves serve as a library bookcase with a glass door which can be available in different sizes and shapes to fit your interior. If you want office storage cabinet, in this type of cabinets you can explore with opaque doors as well. And if you are looking of both, then you can mix up the functionality of both and can obtain office storage cabinets with bookcases containing for instance your books and other collectibles. These pieces can used for home office cabinets, office wall storage cabinets and as stand alone pieces. You can even go for joint metallic cabinet supported with sliding doors of glass.

Empire Computer Desk With Hutch and Cabinets

Empire Computer Desk With Hutch and Cabinets

Office cabinets are available in wide variety of material, configuration and styles. Here are some rules to be followed so that office cabinets can be be used for longer period of time with any danger.

Location: An important thing to look at is that office cabinets should never be placed in high-traffic areas. Many times it cause injury to somebody and a chance of tripping hazards.

Styles: While choosing your office cabinets that tie into the decor of your workspace, go through some important considerations like whether cabinets are closed properly set with the lock or not. Is its size enough that your home office will look organized and is it capable of fulfilling your filing storage needs.

Loading: Loading heavy stuff on top drawers are not suggested. Placing lighter material at top and heavier one at bottom will minimize the chance of tripping, while opening the drawers.

Most office cabinets are either of lateral or vertical type and are designed for several years. They can be available in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal and composite. You can buy most affordable and high quality office cabinets and office supplies from OfficeDepot and OfficeMax.

EBay Inc.’s Skype unit plans to release a version of its Internet-based phone software for Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

The move, set to be announced Tuesday, puts Skype more directly in competition for wireless voice services with network operators such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless.

Skype’s software, which can be downloaded free, allows iPhone users to call other Skype users on computers or supported cellphones free if they are in a Wi-Fi hot spot. Or they may call land lines for a fee, typically 2.1 cents a minute.

Skype uses a technology called VOIP, for voice over Internet protocol, which treats calls as data like email messages or Web pages and routes them over the Internet, rather than a traditional phone network. It says it has more than 405 million users around the world. The company is also the world’s largest provider of cross-border voice communications, according to the Telegeography unit of research firm PriMetrica Inc. >>read more



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