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{December 24, 2010}   Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to get out of professional suits and put on the holiday spirit to enjoy fullest. During Christmas, towns are decorated beautifully with colored lights, shiny decorations and ornaments. The complete environment is magical with people singing Christmas carols and spreading smiles on every face. Christmas has its own charm and people start preparing for the Day weeks before it comes. Today, Christmas is more about commercialization than what it traditionally used to be. But in this race to be first of all, we miss the actual essence of the BIG DAY. All of us need to take a step forward to bring that spirit back. Christmas is a blissful time when it’s more important to show love towards family & Friends, raise money for charity and share blessing.

Merry ChristmasEveryone is excited to decorate their homes and Christmas Tree to show off their best. People organize parties to enjoy the Eve. Apart from this, food plays an important role in making Christmas parties a Hit. As no one can resist the delicious cakes, tempting puddings, mouth melting chocolate and much more. It’s the perfect time to strengthen the bond between family and do something special to make people feel extraordinary.

Undoubtedly, Christmas shopping and giving gifts are the two major events of the festive season. Most of the retailers give some best of their deals and offers during the season. So, this Christmas make the day merrier for family & friends. Get innovative and creative to plan surprises for everyone and feel the happiness within.

😛 8) Merry Christmas..!!

{November 24, 2010}   Happy Thanksgiving Day!

An important day before Christmas is standing outside your door to step in. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is not only about saying “Thank You”, it’s about making people around feel special for being there. No doubts, in this ultra fast generation, we are moving towards new heights of success at a faster rate, but we are lagging behind in humanity. While satisfying our hunger for success all of us have forgot about the blessings of God, received in form of family and friends.

thanksgiving day
Everyone will agree on the fact that all of us are drowning into luxuries, holding burden of the world in hands, and can’t find time to love and appreciate, what we have. But yes, still we have time to whine and complain.. On Thanksgiving Day just, Stop and Think, What we actually have? Thanksgiving Day reveals the secret to appreciate abundance and live happily. It’s a pier necessity to thank Almighty God for all the love and affection He has shredded on us.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is that amazing time of the year, when we show our gratitude, affection, love and appreciation to everyone. It’s about bringing the complete family together around the same table for meal and share blessings, feelings and fill empty vents in each other. So, enjoy finger licking food and spread magic all around with two simple words” Thank You“.


{August 13, 2010}   Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is not only restricted to humans. Now traditional Halloween trend of dressing up has gone to dogs also. People, nowadays, love to dress up their pets in different costumes to take active part in Halloween celebration and fun.

Halloween costumes especially for dogs are designed such that they stay in place, fit comfortably, and allow unrestricted movement. Simplest pet costumes include a headpiece plus a cape, or some type of collar or ruffle. These costumes sets make it easy to dress up dog as a witch, a devil, a vampire, even as Uncle Sam. Hunting for a unique Halloween costume for your pet dog? Then check out some good ideas for dogs Halloween Costumes.

Wonder Woman DogBride Dog

Wonder Woman Dog
What else for a Halloween costume than a super hero or wonder dog dress? Wonder Woman Dog dress is a Jumpsuit type costume that fits over dog’s front legs. Dog is fully comfortable while sitting. With this dress make your favorite four legged girl your Wonder Woman. Costume includes cape, tiara, and front has arms and legs to give the illusion of a human being!

Bride Dog
What about a Bride dress for one’s furry girl on this year’s Halloween night. Your dog will look as a blushing bride in this white wedding dress. It includes a head piece for a complete bride look. Bride Dog dress is a jumpsuit which gives an illusion that the dog is standing upright. Dress is accessorized with bridal flowers, which will look really sweet on your dog.

Giddy Up Lil DoggieRambark

Giddy Up Lil Doggie
Headless cowboy or a horseman are a few of the more common choices. Giddy up lil’ doggie Halloween dress will take on a whole new meaning in this frontier costume. Small sizes of this respective dress will fit great on most cats too. So make a pair of similar dress for pet dog and cat.

Dogs are the real commando’s looking after the safety of our house. So why not dress up your dog in a costume which suits its personality. In a Rambark, tough little military outfit your pup or dog will give a barking orders. It includes hat and shirt for full look.

One can find these unique Halloween Costumes for dogs at Halloween Mart. You can also look for kids Halloween costumes and adult Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to use Halloween Mart coupon while checkout to save additional bucks.

Clothes and fashion accessory is not limited to humans only, but variety of designer clothes, apparel and fashion accessories for dogs are also available. Reason behind dressing up dogs is to protect them from extreme temperatures and also to keep them neat and clean. People have an illusion that dog needs to be protected from cold, so they provide them safety with warm winter clothes. But besides winters, pets must also be protected from harmful sunrays and insects during summer season. For that it is necessary to provide them with cool summer clothing.

Now a days, dressing up doggies with fashionable clothing and accessories has become very popular. So get out this summer with your stylish dog wearing beautiful clothes and accessories. Depending upon specific requirements and breed of dog, one can choose specialized products for their doggies. Search online at that sell dog clothing, accessories and other use able things.

Gingham & Bling SundressDog Tank Top

Gingham & Bling Sundress
Looking for a good looking dress for a girl puppy, then Gingham Bling Sundress is right choice. It is comfy and gives a flirty look to girl pups. This fashionable gingham dress comes with glimmering rhinestone heart accent which helps to add charm. At, its regular price is $17.99, but you can save $12.00 and avail it at $5.99 only.

Dog Tank Top
Dog Tank Top is perfect for some special occasion and which will make her look special too. It would be a new addition to her wardrobe. This dress features stretchy cotton ribbed dog clothes with quality silk screened lettering are completely machine washable. Its retail price is $19.99, but because of sale season you can order it for $15.99.

Groom your dog with fashion products. People always want best in fashion, so fashion is not limited to designer dog clothing, and dog accessories but also to dog boutiques, dog goggles, cap and many more. One can find all these items at dog supplies store, Don’t forget to use DogToys coupons while checkout for additional savings.

Dog is considered to be the most loved pet. Having a personal pet dog involves various activities, fun and excitement in one’s life. Now a days, various things are available for pets like pet accessories, pet food products and many more. Every pet needs extra care, and each has its own basic needs. One of the basic need for a dog is Dog Bed – a spot or place in one’s house where it can lay its head, on something soft and comfortable to call its own.

Dog beds come in many shapes, sizes, styles, materials and colors. Shapes include- rectangle, square, round and oval. Material with which these beds are covered with includes fleece, faux suede, flannel, denim, or microfiber. While choosing a dog bed, one should consider breed of the dog. Many big dogs suffer from hip and joint problem as they get older. So, for them special high quality beds are needed. Similarly there are many different types of dog beds one could buy that will suit dog’s need and breed. Here are some of dog’s beddings for various type from pet supplies store

Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog BedAKC Oval Dog Lounger

Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog Bed
Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog Bed is luxurious bed which uses cotton blend for breathability and superior comfort for pet. It has a rounded shape which is ideal for pups to rest, and stretch out. These beds feature bolstered edge for added support and reversible pillow which can be removed for easy cleaning, machine wash Cotton poly blend gets more comfortable over time. Paw Appeal Dog Bed is available in two neutral colors brown and green which look great in any room.

AKC Oval Dog Lounger
Wrap up dog in cozy, homey comfort of AKC Dog Lounger. This plaid color upholstery has warm, country feel, while oval pillow promises to cushion and gives dog a peaceful sleep. AKC Oval Dog Lounger features – Luxurious microtec plush, Lofty polyester fill which provides excellent support, and a removable pillow with zip which helps in easy care and machine wash.

Above described styles of dog beds are few from huge variety. There are many styles for dog bed available at There are pillows, mats, rugs and cuddlers which can be a perfect dog bed but with some extra features. Pillows are just big cushions, mats are thinner than pillows, and whereas rugs are thinner yet. Cuddler is like a pillow with sides, which provide support on three sides to your dog. So choose best one which would suit your dog need. Take advantage of coupons to order products from this store at discounted prices.

Birds are really beautiful creation of God. From kids to adults, all love birds and want to spend time with them. To enjoy full company of these beautiful birds, many people love to keep them in home. Like any other pets, they also need proper housing which provide them safety and security. Before keeping a bird as pet, it’s essential thing to consider its cage. A safe cage is utmost important to keep your bird pet, out of danger. Pay a special attention while choosing a cage for your winged friend. Finding a suitable bird cage is not much difficult, as many are available at online stores.

Before making a purchase, consider size of your birds because it is extremely important. Birds love to flap their wings freely and need a lot of space to walk on their perch. So, choose a cage with proper amount of living space. It can be manufactured with different materials like metal, stainless steel, acrylic, iron or bamboo bird cage. You can select any, out of them. It’s important to remember, a cage is your pet’s house, so decorate cage with accessories such as feeding utensils, toys, flowers and other accessories.

Split Level HouseTriple Roof Bird Cage

Split Level House: This medium pet bird cage boasts features of both play-top and dome-top cage. This spacious bird cage for one large bird, or can be use included divider to house two. It has many amenities such as removable trays and grate, solid food access doors, seed catcher and more. Continue>>

Pets are no less than our family members. Everyone want just as good things for their pets as for the loved ones. Every pet-owner wants his/her pet to live long, bear kids and continue to be cheerful, handsome pet prince/princess forever.

This summer get out with your pet, and make your cute little friend a style icon with some adorable accessories. Accessorizing a pet is now becoming a style statement for people. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are among few individuals who like to carry small pocket sized pets as accessories with them. Various trendy needs that are required for making a pet a style icon, include pets necklaces, pets hat, goggles for dogs, hair accessories and many other items.

Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

Some of these pets accessories has been listed below.

Collar Charm: As pets are important member of our family, so considering this, many dog care companies have come up with dog collar charms. Main purpose of collar charms is to bring health and happiness to your pet. These charms also add trendy look, and make your dog look more handsome, beautiful and stylish when it stand out in the crowd. Stylish dog collar charms include stars, dangling silver bells, vibrant colored Swarovski crystals and many more styles which make them look vibrant and unique.

Pets Necklace: Finding cool necklaces for your pet is an exciting work to do. There are many cat and dog necklaces made with a combination of beads, lamp work, and crystals and healing stones which will definitely gave them a stylish look. These healing stones are created from a power of earth’s natural energy so they can be used to provide relief for conditions such as obesity, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, asthma, and blood disorders. Pet jewelry designs can be available in amazing varities, and they look terrific on pets.

Pets Hats: Hats are perhaps one of the most popular accessories that are used and sold on a daily basis. There are many reason of wearing a cap, one of which can be protective reason. Having a walk in afternoon or a sunny day causes exposure to strong rays of hot summer sun and give warmth in winter. A hat keeps your furry friend it cozy and away from heat of sun. Other reasons can be social ranking, or fashion head wear. There are huge variety of trendy pets hat available on stores.

Pets Goggles: Real benefit of Pets Goggles is safety. These goggles are mainly for cats and dogs. Dog goggles are usually vet-recommended for comfort. Dog Goggles are made from very flexible padded frames, with wide nose bridge. Best of all, these are worn by military, police and other working dogs throughout the world. These dog goggles protect from sun, snow, rain, wind and many serious eye diseases.

Pets Hair Accessories: Pets have helped people and in turn people have cared for their pets, fed them and look after them. Now a days pets like dogs are decorated in dogs jewelry. From bows to ponytail holders, there are many ways to accessorize dogs hair with barrettes, tiaras, hair ties, boa clips and more. With these dog hair accessories your dogs hairs look unique and well made with different styles, which help it look versatile among other pets.

You can find great pet accessories at discounted prices by using PetCo coupons and PetSmart coupons. So get a cool set of accessories for your pet and let every one know in your neighborhood that for you, your pet is a Rock Star!!

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