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Dog is considered to be the most loved pet. Having a personal pet dog involves various activities, fun and excitement in one’s life. Now a days, various things are available for pets like pet accessories, pet food products and many more. Every pet needs extra care, and each has its own basic needs. One of the basic need for a dog is Dog Bed – a spot or place in one’s house where it can lay its head, on something soft and comfortable to call its own.

Dog beds come in many shapes, sizes, styles, materials and colors. Shapes include- rectangle, square, round and oval. Material with which these beds are covered with includes fleece, faux suede, flannel, denim, or microfiber. While choosing a dog bed, one should consider breed of the dog. Many big dogs suffer from hip and joint problem as they get older. So, for them special high quality beds are needed. Similarly there are many different types of dog beds one could buy that will suit dog’s need and breed. Here are some of dog’s beddings for various type from pet supplies store

Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog BedAKC Oval Dog Lounger

Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog Bed
Paw Appeal Chenille Round Dog Bed is luxurious bed which uses cotton blend for breathability and superior comfort for pet. It has a rounded shape which is ideal for pups to rest, and stretch out. These beds feature bolstered edge for added support and reversible pillow which can be removed for easy cleaning, machine wash Cotton poly blend gets more comfortable over time. Paw Appeal Dog Bed is available in two neutral colors brown and green which look great in any room.

AKC Oval Dog Lounger
Wrap up dog in cozy, homey comfort of AKC Dog Lounger. This plaid color upholstery has warm, country feel, while oval pillow promises to cushion and gives dog a peaceful sleep. AKC Oval Dog Lounger features – Luxurious microtec plush, Lofty polyester fill which provides excellent support, and a removable pillow with zip which helps in easy care and machine wash.

Above described styles of dog beds are few from huge variety. There are many styles for dog bed available at There are pillows, mats, rugs and cuddlers which can be a perfect dog bed but with some extra features. Pillows are just big cushions, mats are thinner than pillows, and whereas rugs are thinner yet. Cuddler is like a pillow with sides, which provide support on three sides to your dog. So choose best one which would suit your dog need. Take advantage of coupons to order products from this store at discounted prices.

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