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A rug is a versatile accessory for your floor covering, which adds grace to a room and also gives an elegant and glam look. Many people may be confused between a carpet and a rug. There is just a minor difference between a rug and a carpet. A rug is considered a piece of textile which is used as floor covering, whereas a carpet is a heavy tufted textile, mostly fabric, used as a floor covering. Rug is considered to be smaller than a carpet. Use of rugs has been seen from many years either as a decorative piece for walls or as a floor mat.

Rugs add warmth to room, and are cheaper than heavy carpets and moreover they are easy to clean. It may be challenging to choose the right one with many options available today. But one could look for amazing rugs at with various themes available like casual rugs, contemporary rugs, traditional rugs and many more. Here we are talking about the rugs which will be suitable for your children’s room like a rug for a boys room, a rug for a girls room, and a rug which will be suitable for both girls and boys. It will be preferable when both of them share a same room.

Circo Sport RugButterfly RugEarthworks Rug

Circo Sport Rug:
Boys always like sporty in nature and like to have sporty stuff in their room. Circo Sport Rug is a perfect rug for a boy’s room which will add some boyish flavor to their room. This rug is in rectangular shaped with 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyester used in its making. It’s a hand-tufted, multicolor rug which is perfectly coordinates with room decoration.

Butterfly Rug:
Girls are fond of beauty, that may be nature beauty or makeup beauty. Every girl’s room will have a pink flavor, may be to a small extent. So a pink Butterfly Rug will suit her room and will gave a feminine look. As the name suggests, Butterfly Rug is in a butterfly shape with 100% nylon used in making of this rug. This vibrant pink and white rug come with a 60 days warranty and is perfect for girls room.

Earthworks Rug:
If you have more than one child of different genders and they are sharing same room with each other, then some time their is difficulty to purchase a decor for their room as their liking may be different. Earthworks Rug is a perfect solution to this problem because it goes with the choice of both, whether a girl or a boy. One of the reason of choosing it as a choice of both may be use of multicolors which make it look more vibrant. This rug contains beautiful images which celebrate Mother Nature. It has colorseal bleach with stain protectant, antimicrobial and is antibacterial treated. At Target store, it is available in three shapes- square, round and rectangular.

Decorating with area rugs has no limit, since rugs can be used in many ways. After all, what matters is that you are pleased with rug(s) or not. You will definitely like the look and feel of rug(s) in your home. So hurry and buy wonderful rugs for different parts of your home!

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