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After a cold winter, spring has made its way to many parts and soon hot sunny days will knock our doors in summers. Now its time to have a refresh and appealing look after your trade cold weather styles. So women, its a high time to take out your beautiful sundress, sexy tops and your trendy hats. As wearing different hat styles is always fun and excitement.

People wear hats for various reasons, may be for protection against elements, for religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. Hats can be a amazing accessory either in spring, summer, or in winter. In spring and summer, they serve as a best accessory against sun rays and during winters, they protect us from cold and provide some warmth.

There are various variety of hats available in different styles, material and designs. Some of popular hat trends for this season are mentioned below:~

Sun-Blocker Hats: These hats offer a strong defense against skin damaging rays. It is a stylish way to block sun rays. A-liners in these hats give a protection ultraviolet rays of sun. These hats provide shade on your face, by blocking sun rays with its broad front. These hats can be available in numerous styles and colors which will not only keep you stylish this spring but also add glamor to your personality. This is a hat for people of every taste which can be easily available in stores.

Terry Sun-Blocker Hat

Eric Javit Terry Sun-Blocker Hat

Squishee Caps: Squishee caps can be a chic fashion accessory for a spring or summer outing on a beach on sunny day or on any wedding. These hats looks very stylish but at same time, they are very protective. Squishee caps come with a wide brim for optimal sun protection. These caps are sophisticated, yet simple and come in various designs with trimmed ribbon, crushable, packable visor with adjustable Velcro closure that blocks 95% of UV rays.

Squishee cap

Squishee Cap

Bucket Hats: Bucket hats are one of trendiest products available and used by youngsters today. Bucket hats are ideal accessory for all seasons, whether its spring, summer, fall or winter. They provide bit of warmth, good sun protection, and are simply a cute fashion accessory. This style of hat consists of only three pieces crown, band and brim and it can be worn by both boys and girls. It is also known as fishing hats. These caps are usually made of cotton fabric denim or canvas. They serve a perfect protecting from blazing summer sun. Bucket hats can be available in surprising range of materials and designs.

Burberry bucket hat

Burberry Bucket Hat

So this Spring/Summer season accessorize your self with these trendy hats on any formal or informal occasion. It will give you a versatile, feminine and appealing look. and are the best online stores to shop some hottest styles in hats.

Flower Plaque Stretch Bracelet

Flower Plaque Stretch Bracelet

Chic G Logo Sunglasses

Chic G Logo Sunglasses

In today’s world of fashion, every women knows the power of accessory. Right selection of fashion accessory can enhance the beauty of a women. So, they really love to collect new styles of different accessories in their closet. In fact, instead of buying an expensive new dress every season, it’s wiser decision to dress up a classic suit with new and trendier fashionable accessories.

Accessories can add style, color and class to an outfit. Jewelry is the primary fashion accessory and adding exotic jewelry to any designer clothing is like putting a cherry on the cake. Handbags are another most demanding accessory by most of ladies. A crystal accented wristwatch, designer style sunglasses, stylish hats and belts are another most important accessories for a women. G by Guess is most successful fashion brand for these kinds of fashionable accessories.

Flower Plaque Stretch Bracelet: This bold and beautiful bracelet will add style in your outfit. Four stretchy rows of pearl beads are joined by one mega-glam plaque on this stylish bracelet. It features an over sized rhinestone, pearl beads, flowers and sparkling G logo.

Chic G Logo Sunglasses: Chic shades for women with a glam lifestyle in her eyes. Wraparound style eye wear with a rhinestone G logo at sides. Optically correct sunglasses is ergonomically designed for optimal fit and comfort. Constant tint for bright light absorption and impact resistant. Continue>>

Winter is the time to spice up life with new clothes such as jackets and warm clothes. It seems that winter is a season for dark colored attire but, with a small addition in wardrobe one can create a hot style statement. Silk scarves are the one that add color and style to every attire. Exquisiteness is the exact word to describe a silk scarf. It is a versatile fashion accessory which is apt for every party, be it, formal or informal.

Scarf has become synonymous with women’s fashion and a must have piece of fashion accessory as well. Due to softness, smoothness and shimmer quality, Silk scarves are called as a great year-round fashion accessory. One can get any pattern whether it is a bold animal print, tie and dye, delicate florals, paisleys or anything on the famous store Saks Fifth Avenue. Matching these colorful accessory with any attire, will lead to enhancement in elegance and beauty that is unmatched. Continue>>

Burberry Giant Check Silk Scarf

Burberry Giant Check Silk Scarf

In this modern era, people love to wear a wrist watch as a fashion accessory. Although, a watch is essential thing with basic function to display time. Today, this useful thing has become a style statement and not just a necessity. Beautiful and trendy watches occupy a special place in fashion world and looks more attractive on wearer’s wrist.

Watches are made from different kinds of materials. Watches with rubber or plastic straps are usually designed for serious outdoor use. These kind of watches are available in many eye catching colors and looks very trendy. These are durable and have lightweight & water resistant qualities.

TKO Watches have high fashion quality and unique designs. These are perfect for the person who love to wear creative and trendy watches. Simplicity and functionality put together in TKO Watches. These watches are integrated with polycarbonate housings, silicon rubber straps and stainless steel accents. TKO ORLOGI creates the ultimate fashionable timepiece. It’s a perfect accessory for all seasons with vibrant colors for summer, to chic and elegant metallic leather straps for winter. Continue>>

TKO ORLOGI watches

TKO ORLOGI watches

Spring charm stretch bracelet

Spring charm stretch bracelet

Moon and Stars Pearl charm bracelet

"Moon and Stars" Pearl charm bracelet

“It’s all about Beauty with power”

Wearing of charms on wrist, have begun as a form of ornament to ward off evil spirits or bad luck from life. But now they’re worn not only to keep evils away, also as a fashion accessory with a concept in itself. Some people use charms as family heirlooms, lasting for years.

Though materials and designs on them have been changed time-to-time, but the concept itself has never gone out of style. Charm bracelet designers have influenced current trend and taken the jewelry world up by bringing its glamor back.

Get in bloomy mood with this fun and funky charm bracelet (left). It includes all signs of blooms, like four leaf clovers, butterflies, flowers and sparrows. Its positive vibrations will make you feel happy throughout the day.

The original bracelet from Bali (right) comes with dynamic composure. Designed by Buana, this sterling silver bracelet includes pearl moons and shooting stars symbolizing beauty with calmness.

Charms come in many forms and shapes, like sterling silver or gold shapes representing your zodiac sign, gems and stones, religious affiliation, any athletic activity, that makes it unique, personal and eye appealing.

These bracelets can prove a best gift to a friend or near one to realize that you and your best wishes is always with her throughout life…

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