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{July 3, 2009}   Party tips for 4th July!

4th July is one of the biggest holidays of summer, and a great time to get friends and family together to celebrate. Many people may think to go out for celebration in hotels and restaurants but if you’re thinking to celebrate this great holiday at home with your nears, then this is the perfect article for you. Here, we’ll suggest some party tips for 4th July to make this day more special.

Have a rocking Party!

Have a rocking Party!

Place decision: Before you begin to think of giving an invitation for 4th of July party, firstly decide about location for that. It is important to pick a spot that will be convenient for everyone. Select place according to number of people invited. For a small gathering your house lawn will be a better option and for a big one you may go for local garden too.

Invitation: Once you have picked location, determine how many people will be invited. Prepare a list and send them invitations by hand or post with a beautiful patriotic design on invitation card. neighbors or office colleagues. Since its a great time, to know people a little better. So, don’t forget to call some neighbors and office colleagues.

Dress Code: Don’t forget to mention dress code in invitation card. The dress code for 4th July is definitely red, white and blue, and mention that if someone doesn’t obeys it, he/she will be charged at door.

Decoration: Decorate house with red, blue and white theme. Just use any item like small flags, balloons, stars and streamers and decorate tables with star shaped or stripped clothes and napkins. Buy flowers representing theme colors and dress them on tables, windows, railings, walls, etc. Don’t forget to hang a big flag on front wall or garden.

Food & Dessert: Food is the most important part of any party. It should  be very diversified and plentiful as it is difficult to assume how much each person is going to eat. Plan your food stuffings wisely. One best method is to ask some of your friends invited about their favorite dishes. This will surely help you to have something that they’ll enjoy. No matter which place is chosen, it should have a BBQ food! Include desserts like apple pie, ice-creams, cake frosted with white icing and topped with raspberries and blueberries to resemble American flag and many more..

Beverages: Including alcoholic beverages are OK for elders, but don’t forget about the kids. Juices, cold drinks and shakes may be a better option for all. It may be a warm weather holiday, so do have plenty of ice to keep beverages and desserts cool.

Games: Games are life-givers of any party. Everyone from 5’s to 50’s like to play games in a party. Plan games with different categories like games for males, games for kids, games for females, games for couples, etc.

Gifts: When party is at its end and people starts going then give them a healthy departure by gifting something that symbolize your thanks to them for coming in party.

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4th July is approaching and you must be finding ways to decorate your house in a new patriotic manner. No one can deny the fact that flowers are most important role players in every decoration. Flowers can verbalize your feelings in a very beautiful and wise manner. In this article, we will discuss about different ways to decorate your house with flowers, for this July 4th.

Beautiful Door wreaths: Let freedom ring with this beautifully preserved wreath arrangement in true independence colors of red, blue and white silk flowers with blue eucalyptus and caspia, measuring 16″ in diameter. A flag ribbon acting as a wreath hanger gives it more patriotic look. Door wreaths like this will provide more loyal welcome to your guests on independence day.

Beautiful Independence Day Door Wreath

Beautiful Independence Day Door Wreath

Flower bouquets: American spirit of hope and freedom is very well reflected through a red; white and blue flowered bouquet. Bouquets in classic pitchers, topped with the stars & stripes displays a lovely floral arrangement ruminate respect to your country. This lovely bouquet includes Red gerberas, Matsumoto asters, white button spray chrysanthemums, alstroemeria and blue iris – accented with sinuata statice, seeded eucalyptus and salal in an ivory handled pitcher with an American flag.

Red, white and blue flower bouquet

Red, white and blue flower bouquet

Hanging flower baskets: You will definitely like to have a hanging flower basket at your entrance. These baskets look beautiful when engaged with flowers of different colors and will provide a delightful look to your balcony or garden area. This independence day you can add red, white and blue accessories like ribbons, stars, and flags to your basket and let it reflect pride for your country.

Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging Flower Basket

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{June 21, 2009}   “Happy Father’s Day”

Gifting a father’s day gift with this beautiful poem can enhance and speak your feelings more clearly.

And often he knows what you have in your mind.

He’s someone who listens,

suggests and defends.

A dad can be one of your very best friends!

He’s proud of your triumphs,

but when things go wrong,

A dad can be patient, helpful and strong.

And each year that passes,

you are even more glad,

More grateful and proud just to call him

Your DAD!

Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day!

One cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a Father’s protection! Make him realize that he is the most precious gift of God to you and make this Father’s Day one of the unforgettable memories of his and your life…

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Father’s Day gift idea #7

Nothing can be so simple and beautiful like Flowers!

Nothing can be so simple and beautiful like Flowers!

The most popular gift for all occasions all over the world is the gift of flowers. Flowers have the power to verbalize your sentiments and emotions without uttering a single word. You can see the indescribable joy on the face of your father while gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers to him this Father’s Day.

You might be confused for what flowers would be ideal for a Father’s Day Bouquet. There are some suggestions to be kept in mind while choosing the right type of flowers for him:~

If your father likes Roses, then it will be ideal to gift him a bouquet of different colored roses. A bouquet of red and white roses is said to be the official flowers of Father’s Day.

If you want to gift him something different from traditional flowers, then try for bold colored tropical flowers. These flowers have a long lasting quality in them.

The colors suggested for fathers are red, orange, yellow, or violet. These colors reflect the boldness symbolizing a father’s role in family.

A bouquet with contemporary arrangement is quiet trendy. Mixture of different flowers gives a very eye-pleasing look and avoids solidarity among flowers. You can mix variety of flowers with a color theme too.

You can present them to your Dad with lots of candies, balloons and a beautiful hand-made card. This would a great idea to realize, how much you love him!!


Harrison Leather Laptop Briefcase

Harrison Leather Laptop Briefcase

Father’s Day gift idea# 5

With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking of a gift that’ll make him actualize your sentiments in a better way. Leather products can be a great choice for Dads, who want something that grooms his personage.

Croton 4-piece Crocodile Brown Mens Wallet Set

Croton 4-piece Crocodile Brown Mens Wallet Set

Well, leather is considered as a symbol of royalty as it feels and looks classy. They are available in a huge variety, colors, designs and patterns. Leather products have a long-lasting feature too. A good leather can last for a number of years.

A leather briefcase as a Father’s Day gift can impress your dad in a second. Fathers actually look for something which is durable, simple and reflects his style. You can make your gift more special to him by personalizing it with a beautiful message for him.

One more accessory your Dad will definitely like to have it with him, is a leather wallet. How many times you have seen him with a new wallet? I’m sure not more than 3-4 times. So, its time to gift him something which he will really admire. Gift him a stylish and trendy leather wallet and see the reactions on his face.

So, gift him pure leather products which will be slightly costly but not more than your Father’s Smile!

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Father’s Day gift idea # 4

A Designer Necktie can be a superb gift for your father who is deeply engrossed into corportae world. Men in corporate world want everything perfect and so do their clothes and accessories. Every father likes a formal wear as it enhances their personality and necktie is an accessory which grooms their conventional look. And do you know, according to U.S. Census Bureau, neckties are ranked as the top gift for Father’s Day!

Dashing Tonal Paisley Woven Italian Silk Neckwear

Tonal Paisley Woven Italian Silk Neckwear

Croft and barrow- Dotted Grid tie

Croft and barrow- Dotted Grid tie

A necktie symbolizes how fathers work hard to earn a living in order to provide for the family. As a symbol of a Father’s role in the family and as a fashion symbol for men, neckties became a basic present for Father’s Day. Even your Grandfather will like to have a beautiful necktie with him.

Neckties are available in a huge range and variety with lovely designs and patterns. Just make sure that the design and style you pick must go with your Dad’s charm.

You can also add a tie tack or tie bar complementing your gift. For more personalized touch you may gift him a gold or silver tie tack with the initial letter of his name.

Rope Accent Tie tack

Rope Accent Tie tack

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Father’s Day gift idea# 2

Sterling silver cufflinks, Javanese Clouds

Sterling silver cufflinks, 'Javanese Clouds'

Gold Claddah Cufflinks

Gold Claddah Cufflinks

Cufflinks are made to gratify the different styles and personalities of men. It’s a good choice for Father’s day gift as it gives both the giver and the receiver choices to match their specific needs. One main thing about this gift is that it fits for your high or low budget.

Cufflinks are available in wide variety, so you can definitely choose one that will match the style and personality of your Dad. You can choose elegant pieces, colorful and youthful designs, and cool and humorous styles from both the traditional and contemporary sets.

It polishes his look and adds a touch of elegance and style to everyday formal outfit and makes him shine throughout the day.

You can even personalize your gift with a beautiful message on it like “My Daddy Best“, or gift him a cufflink with his name’s initial letter on it. Monogramic or sporty cufflinks are also a good choice.

If your budget allows, verbalize your respectful feelings by gifting gold, silver or diamond cufflinks and get him impressed. You can also gift a weekly cufflinks box with seven different cufflinks, one pair for each day.

So, let your father look his very best this Father’s Day!!

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“He didn’t tell us how to live; he is a symbol of living for us”

"Happy Father's Day"

"Happy Father's Day"

All it takes is from-the-heart sentiment to show your affection towards your father. Let’s use the Father’s Day to convey him what place he have in our lives and what influence he have on us. As we all know Father’s Day will be celebrated on 21st June 2009, so let’s not forget to make this special day more special!

"The greatest gift I ever had from God; is my Dad!"

"The greatest gift I ever had from God; is my Dad!"

Fathers are associated with guidance and protection, as the person who can be loved, respected and looked up to. Gift him something which reflect his personality or which shows your love. Here are some impressive tips for father’s day gift.

If your dad loves to carry a style statement then gift him a pair of cool Sunglasses, Perfumes and Deodorants. Trendy, latest watches like kinetic watches can also be offered to enhance his style statement.

Sporty dads love Father’s Day gifts that heighten their passion for sports. Gift him golf, cricket or tennis set or couple of sports magazines.

There are a lot of options in the market for dads who love to adopt latest technology. If you have a good budget then, sleek new mobile set, iPod, camera, camcorders, electronic shavers, massager, of recent technology, will be an appreciable choice for your Dad’s gift.

Some other gift ideas include, buying a formal shirt, a casual T-Shirt or various accessories such as belts, wallets, portfolio bags, cuff-links and of course ties!

You can celebrate this day by giving him flowers which he likes most and a cake with “Happy Fathers Day” written on it.

Fathers Day Cake

Father's Day Cake

Mother’s day is celebrated across the globe to honor mothers and offers a way to show love, care and respect for her. Flowers are wonderful gift for someone special; expresses your true feelings, act as a reminder of memorable moments and perfect for celebrating any occasion. They are indeed great means for expressing love and gratitude on this special day.

Colorful flowers with its sweet fragrance are favorite among everyone especially women’s. Women’s are crazy about flowers and just love them. Giving flowers to your mother on mother’s day is a wonderful gift idea to let her know how much you love her and how important she is in your life.

It’s a very special day and must be celebrated like any other occasions; a day really special for moms. Flowers would be a real surprise to her and she will appreciate it, that will make her day brighten and memorable. Mom will surely love the series of surprises that you will offer her on that day.

Different flowers with wide range of colors are available in market that you can choose from depending on your personal taste and needs. Flowers for mother’s day include orchids, tropical flowers, tulips, carnations and lilac. Carnations and orchids are mainly preferred for this day. >> read more

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