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{October 30, 2010}   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

halloween party

Not only children, all of us anxiously wait for the scary spooky night of the year – Halloween. Just a day is left, when everyone can put on their best Halloween costumes and roam around on streets screaming “Trick or Treat”.

Halloween is a day when candlelight cast its spellbinding glow and scrumptious scent of a freshly baked yummy pumpkin pie enlivens the kitchen. Ghoulish graveyard styling decorations like wickedly grinning human skull and creepy bats will create a ghostly environment.

As soon as clock will tick to 12.00 a.m, Halloween will be on. The day which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. All of you must be very excited about dressing up in most innovative costumes, preparing spooky dishes, arranging a scary party.

Halloween is a dark horror night to enjoy with friends and family. It’s best time to enjoy all kind of candies and sweets. But don’t forget to look at Halloween Safety Tips for Kids. Have a great Halloween this year with lots fun with mythical monster spreading magic around.


H@PpY H@lLoWeEn...!


{August 13, 2010}   Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is not only restricted to humans. Now traditional Halloween trend of dressing up has gone to dogs also. People, nowadays, love to dress up their pets in different costumes to take active part in Halloween celebration and fun.

Halloween costumes especially for dogs are designed such that they stay in place, fit comfortably, and allow unrestricted movement. Simplest pet costumes include a headpiece plus a cape, or some type of collar or ruffle. These costumes sets make it easy to dress up dog as a witch, a devil, a vampire, even as Uncle Sam. Hunting for a unique Halloween costume for your pet dog? Then check out some good ideas for dogs Halloween Costumes.

Wonder Woman DogBride Dog

Wonder Woman Dog
What else for a Halloween costume than a super hero or wonder dog dress? Wonder Woman Dog dress is a Jumpsuit type costume that fits over dog’s front legs. Dog is fully comfortable while sitting. With this dress make your favorite four legged girl your Wonder Woman. Costume includes cape, tiara, and front has arms and legs to give the illusion of a human being!

Bride Dog
What about a Bride dress for one’s furry girl on this year’s Halloween night. Your dog will look as a blushing bride in this white wedding dress. It includes a head piece for a complete bride look. Bride Dog dress is a jumpsuit which gives an illusion that the dog is standing upright. Dress is accessorized with bridal flowers, which will look really sweet on your dog.

Giddy Up Lil DoggieRambark

Giddy Up Lil Doggie
Headless cowboy or a horseman are a few of the more common choices. Giddy up lil’ doggie Halloween dress will take on a whole new meaning in this frontier costume. Small sizes of this respective dress will fit great on most cats too. So make a pair of similar dress for pet dog and cat.

Dogs are the real commando’s looking after the safety of our house. So why not dress up your dog in a costume which suits its personality. In a Rambark, tough little military outfit your pup or dog will give a barking orders. It includes hat and shirt for full look.

One can find these unique Halloween Costumes for dogs at Halloween Mart. You can also look for kids Halloween costumes and adult Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to use Halloween Mart coupon while checkout to save additional bucks.

{October 31, 2009}   Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is an exciting and fun occasion for children. But sometimes they get so excited that they may forget about safety and get injured. Common Halloween injuries include burns from flammable costumes, eye injuries from sharp objects, and children hit by cars as they walk and run around busy neighborhoods.

Don’t worry! With all enthusiasm, now it’s going to be very simple for parents to let their guards down and not be as cautious as they really should be on this particular day. Here are some simple ways and guidelines to guarantee that your kids will have a fun, and safe Halloween.

  • Before starting on trick or treat path, it’s the best idea to feed children a healthy dinner. This will help them to be less tempted to eat treats and candies before they get home.
  • If your child is going to wear any kind of face mask as part of his/her Halloween costume, then it’s very advisable that you make certain that eye holes of Halloween costume are big enough to see clearly without any visual distractions. Make sure that mask is well-ventilated.
  • Avoid costumes that could cause tripping, such as long hems, baggy pants, high heels and over-sized shoes.
  • Accessories such as knives, swords, wands, pitchforks, or anything of that nature, shouldn’t have any sharp edges. They must be made from flexible materials and should have dulled edges.
  • Have a serious talk with your kids about safety precautions such as importance of not getting into strangers cars, not getting into strangers homes, not talking to strangers, not eating any of the treats before you get an opportunity to check them, looking both ways before crossing streets and crossing the street when the lights tell you to do so.
  • Make sure that your children are going with at least one adult chaperoning trick-or-treaters. If they do not have any adult supervision with them, be sure that they are going with a group of other children that you trust, and let them know to stay together as a group and under no circumstances they should wonder of from the rest of the group.
  • Make certain that they are carrying a flashlight, a glow stick or at the very least have reflective tape pasted on their costumes, so that they are more visible to cars even from a distance.
  • Tell them to keep away from candlelit jack-o’-lanterns and not to touch them.
  • Ensure costumes, beards and wigs are made of flame-resistant materials.
  • Tell them to keep on sidewalks and off streets as much as possible and obey all traffic signals.

The safest trick-or-treating is at organized Halloween festivities, like at local churches, shopping malls or schools as children are not out in the dark and have adult supervision also. Following these simple guidelines, will ensure that everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Disney Myspace Graphics

October is here, which means one of the favorite holiday, Halloween is just a few days away. Children and adults both love to celebrate Halloween nights. Mostly, Halloween parties focus on interesting games, special Halloween recipes, Halloween candies, creepy decorations and different types of festive costumes.

Halloween costumes are the main attraction and essential element of the night. Especially, children want to look best and dress up themselves as someone, they want to be. Boys and girls both have different taste and style. They love to wear historical or modern costumes. These days, hundreds of Halloween costumes are available in market for infants, girls and boys.

For Infants: A desiring infant Halloween costume is most amusing parts of parenting. Everyone love to see a little baby in a gorgeous and cute costume. It doesn’t matter what sort of costume you have selected for little one, but it shouldn’t be so scary and uncomfortable to wear. A lion, monkey, teddy bear and cute tigger costumes are best for little ones. These infant costumes are very comfortable for wearing and also gives an adorable look.

Lil Lion Costume

Lil' Lion Costume

For Girls: Little girls love princesses and ballerinas costumes. Disney characters costumes like a fairy, tinker bell, aurora, snow white, sleeping beauty and a shimmering Cinderella costumes are perfect choices for girls. These costumes have a classic appeal. TV celebrities costumes are also nice choice. Hannah Montana costume with wigs and microphone, high school musical character like Gabriella & Sharpay and camp rock costumes are truly perfect for a Halloween dress up.

Hannah Montana Costume

Hannah Montana Costume

For Boys: This year, Michael Jackson Halloween costume is going to be the most popular way for paying tribute to the king of pop. Mostly, boys love to wear super hero’s costumes like Harry patter costume that keeps flying all over the place. Crime fighter costumes like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars outfit, Captain Hook, transformers and sci-fi heroes costumes are also very popular for boys. Comic characters such as spider-man, batman, iron man and superman costumes are ever green.

Superman Costume

Superman Costume

Safety factor: The kid’s safety and comfort is most important. If kids wishes to wear a mask, make sure that they can see through the eyeholes clearly and breathe properly. Keep them under some supervision and away from dangerous places. Shoes must be tied properly to avoid falling.

Hope the above suggestion will help you in choosing a right costume for your kids!! You can browse perfect costumes for kids from Meijer, Costume City and Costume Kingdom.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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