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If space comes at a premium in your house, then you need a few smart ideas for small spaces. There are several compromises and adjustments to be made, in case of small spaces, in order to ensure comfortable living. This is the reason why decoration for these type of places at home can  be a rather hard job, as wrong choices can make a home look and feel cramped.

Here are a few ideas that can help you design big in a small space. These ideas can transform the looks of your house offering a new concept and new space which was hidden before. Bringing style and illusion of additional free space is not that hard if you try a few ideas suggested here.

Distinctive DetailsBuilt-in bench seatingReclaim wasted space under a staircase as storage

Fabulous Hang-Ups: Turn a closet or corner of your room into a work zone. Slide along a curtain rod with drapery panels to make it easy to conceal the clutter. You can duplicate this effect even without an architectural niche or bay, by curtaining off an area across the width of a room. Just hang drapes from a rod or thin wire suspended from ceiling.

Distinctive Details: Add storage as well as architectural heft with a built-in. Incorporate a recessed daybed into cabinet’s design to maximize limited floor space and eliminate the need to buy a sofa. With this built-in add storage as well as architectural heft to your room. Add cushions covered with fabric remnants to make this alcove cushy and inviting.

Landing Zone: Transform often-unused space at the top of stairs into a hot spot destination. Built-in bench seating capitalizes on sunny window on this second-floor landing (see pic in middle), which is creating a cozy reading retreat. Flip-up lids under bench cushions provide access to an intelligent hidden storage as well.

Step It Up: Utilize waste space under a staircase as storage. You can make cabinets or shelves under staircase and turn it into a strong architectural feature. As seen in picture above, baskets are adding eye-pleasing texture to the space. They’re very helpful in keeping linens and other kitchen odds and ends corralled.

Great Proportions: An oversize mirror can balance the heft of sofa in a living area. Add a large patterned pillow as a strong focal point on main sofa. Use floor to ceiling decors, like wispy tree branches at corners, which subtly pull all elements together.

There’s no need of a professional interior designer to create spaces in home. Just use wide imaginations and you can add space marvels to your home sweet home!!

Home is the place where your heart resides and every home owner’s mission is to decorate it with artifacts that pleases everyone. Nobody likes an austere interior which have bulbs lit up with nothing covering them. Various types of light decors can be used to embellish and complement the style of home’s interior. Among them chandeliers are most liked and are known for their elegancy.

Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier

Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier

Callista Seven-Light Chandelier

Callista Seven-Light Chandelier

Whether it’s a traditional design or fanciful glass-art creation, rustic wood or a contemporary design, a Chandelier’s beauty can be seen even in the most modern interiors.

Available in various designs, shapes, colors and sizes, they add ambiance and elevates beauty of any room of a house. While selecting them remember that glass or crystal chandeliers will go with contemporary houses and metal chandeliers with traditional houses.

This organic transitional design by Kichler’s Callista (right), fits with a casual lifestyle or a soft contemporary home. The inverted glass cones have soft swirls and veins, inside etching and a rich light amber tint with a blend of silver, gold and copper finishing, all melded into different sections of forged steel frame creating soft metallic hues. Carry your home with this beautiful leafy look of Callista. It’s awesome!

And if you want a simple, beautiful light decor for your traditional or modern interior, nothing will match the decency of this Trinity Brushed Nickel Nine-Light Chandelier (left).

What can compare to that cozy, warming glow that chandeliers so welcomely offers! If you’re working in an office with harsh halogen or fluorescent lighting and feeling stressed out, it would come as no surprise if you needed that extra bit of pampering to ensure recharging your batteries when you’re back at home for the evening.

A garden is a place to renew and refresh the spirit, just like heaven. Gardens feed the soul and bring peace and beauty to our lives. It should be kept in such a way that upraises the appearance of home, provides a fresh look to the environment and get the envies of your neighbors. If you’re bored of the simple and flowery look of your garden, then here are some ways to decorate it in a more beauteous way.

Beautiful garden decoration

Beautiful garden decoration

Garden benches or decorative sitting areas: Garden benches in your front yard can be a wonderful sitting place to interact with neighbors, watch daily happenings on your street and kids playing their way. You can create decorative sitting areas with some beautiful imaginary ideas. For instance: Using wooden logs, stone-cut sittings, placing benches under a tree or a small shed, and many more..

Garden statues and sculptures: Statues and sculptures brings an eternal touch to garden. They can be in any form like metallic, clay, or marble. They’re common garden decorative items that help brighten the front landscape and adds sense of style. Gazing balls, decorative planters, and sundials, all gives a total look to your landscape design.

Fountains and homemade waterfalls: A fountain is a smart addition to garden and looks great just about anywhere in front entryway or garden areas. The sound of running water is proven to abate stress. They can be used in the center of a circular driveway or on either side of the front door. Usually fountain is the focal point of courtyard and is surrounded by colorful plants of varying sizes and types.

Bird houses and feeders: Butterflies, bumblebees and birds are the real charms of any garden. There are many ways to attract them, like bird houses, bird baths, and bird feeders. With these decorative items, you’ll add a chatter of life to garden and will enjoy and surprised to see different species of birds got attracted through it.

Outdoor living furniture: If you want to give a furnishing look to the garden then keep entertaining the mind with ideas to decorate garden with outdoor living furniture, potted plants, and tabletop fountains. But remember to use teak wood or cast aluminum furniture in case you don’t have any shed for outdoor furnishings. They’re not only easy to clean but are durable and resistant to the elements also.

Garden Lights: Garden lights are an adorable way to greet guests and glow garden at night. Beautiful big and small lampshades provide a graceful look to the garden and enhances its beauty whether its day or night.

Swings: If your garden has a wide area than you can add swings too. Swings are liked by everyone, especially children. Look at the fun and excitement at their faces when they’ll see garden with swings.

With some careful planning and effort, it’s not difficult to landscape a beautiful front yard and will welcome everyone as it’s saying, “Leave your stress at door and come relaxed inside.”

There is an old saying “Your home is your castle.” It’s home where we spend our major lifetime and find relaxation like nowhere else. It’s a very important place, and needs care to make it a healthy and peaceful place to live in. It’s true that your home’s interior defines your caring nature, taste and style. Interior decoration or decor is the art of decorating home so that it looks attractive, easy to use, and functions well with existing architecture. It encompasses applying wallpapers, painting walls, choosing furniture and fittings such as light fixtures, decorative items such as paintings, sculptures, and carpets. Here are some interior decoration ideas to make your home more impressive.

Interiors speak a lot!

Interiors speak a lot!

Color theme: The most important thing that comes in mind while talking about interior decoration is color theme, as it presents a pleasing and comfortable environment to home. Color of walls should be such that soothes eyes and provide a feeling of calmness. See what the room demands. For example, a study room and hall demand light brightness while a living room needs wall colors that suits furniture. You can give a different and graceful look to room by applying textures on wall.

Lighting: Lighting and lighting fixtures is another important aspect of interior decor. Some types of light provide better light for safety and working with an intimacy, while others are designed to highlight a certain area of room. To determine what type of lighting will work best for a room, determine and analyze what purpose the room will serve and what elements are already in it like windows, fireplace, etc. A bathroom doesn’t requires much lighting while a living room and study room does require descent and intelligent lighting.

Furniture: Functional and stylish cabinets can be placed in favorable lights too. Always choose furnishings according to the scale of room. Designer furniture pieces such as tables with drawers and shelves, cocktail or dining table, and a sofa are centerpieces of any living area. They should be kept in clean, decorated and proper condition always.

Decorative items: A room is said to be decorated if it has eye catching decorative items. The decorative items should be such, that they are in harmony with room’s environment. According to ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, “The way your home is laid out and decorated can actually bring you money and good fortune, or take it away”. But if don’t believe in that, then keeping a home interior organized that soothes your sensibilities has clear benefits.

Plants: Plants are source and symbol of liveliness. They not only provide a fresh look to room but also enhances its beauty. It has been observed that when you enter a room with plants you feel a positive energy and freshness while a room without greenery looks bald. One thing to remember is, to keep them in such a way that they’re able to get some sunlight for their photosynthesis process.

By keeping these things in mind you can change the look of your home in a better way.

{July 3, 2009}   Party tips for 4th July!

4th July is one of the biggest holidays of summer, and a great time to get friends and family together to celebrate. Many people may think to go out for celebration in hotels and restaurants but if you’re thinking to celebrate this great holiday at home with your nears, then this is the perfect article for you. Here, we’ll suggest some party tips for 4th July to make this day more special.

Have a rocking Party!

Have a rocking Party!

Place decision: Before you begin to think of giving an invitation for 4th of July party, firstly decide about location for that. It is important to pick a spot that will be convenient for everyone. Select place according to number of people invited. For a small gathering your house lawn will be a better option and for a big one you may go for local garden too.

Invitation: Once you have picked location, determine how many people will be invited. Prepare a list and send them invitations by hand or post with a beautiful patriotic design on invitation card. neighbors or office colleagues. Since its a great time, to know people a little better. So, don’t forget to call some neighbors and office colleagues.

Dress Code: Don’t forget to mention dress code in invitation card. The dress code for 4th July is definitely red, white and blue, and mention that if someone doesn’t obeys it, he/she will be charged at door.

Decoration: Decorate house with red, blue and white theme. Just use any item like small flags, balloons, stars and streamers and decorate tables with star shaped or stripped clothes and napkins. Buy flowers representing theme colors and dress them on tables, windows, railings, walls, etc. Don’t forget to hang a big flag on front wall or garden.

Food & Dessert: Food is the most important part of any party. It should  be very diversified and plentiful as it is difficult to assume how much each person is going to eat. Plan your food stuffings wisely. One best method is to ask some of your friends invited about their favorite dishes. This will surely help you to have something that they’ll enjoy. No matter which place is chosen, it should have a BBQ food! Include desserts like apple pie, ice-creams, cake frosted with white icing and topped with raspberries and blueberries to resemble American flag and many more..

Beverages: Including alcoholic beverages are OK for elders, but don’t forget about the kids. Juices, cold drinks and shakes may be a better option for all. It may be a warm weather holiday, so do have plenty of ice to keep beverages and desserts cool.

Games: Games are life-givers of any party. Everyone from 5’s to 50’s like to play games in a party. Plan games with different categories like games for males, games for kids, games for females, games for couples, etc.

Gifts: When party is at its end and people starts going then give them a healthy departure by gifting something that symbolize your thanks to them for coming in party.

To check more July 4th celebration ideas keep looking this blog. For other suggestions click HERE.


As 4th July is approaching near, everyone feels a need to decorate homes with red, blue and white. At this time when economy is struggling with downs, you will definitely prefer to celebrate the day with relatives and friends at home. So get ready to give a patriotic flair decoration to your house with these fabulous ideas..

Flags: On independence day, flags are the favorite piece of decorations. You can do a lot with flags as they are available in different sizes. You can place them with decorative lights, dinnerware, flower bouquets, hanging flower baskets, paintings and many more..A flag with rotating pole will be a perfect choice for the Porch.

Tangle Free Flag Pole With Flag

Tangle Free Flag Pole With Flag

Stars: Stars in red, blue and white colors add a sparkling beauty to the house. You can hang them from the ceiling, porch, doorways, or paste them on walls, or create cascading designs. Like flags, they can be decorated in versatile ways and are at hand with different patterns and styles. It’s very easy to prepare them at home also.

Mini home decors: Small decorable items like cartoons, showpieces, and holy fairies look very sweet in kitchen, bedrooms and on dining table. On this festive occasion decorate your dining and kitchen with lovely and funny collectibles, like this below, to show your love for country.

Freedom Collectible

Freedom Collectible

Balloons & Streamers: From children to adults, everyone like balloons and streamers to decorate the house on any occasion. On this holiday, get them in red, blue and white colors and hang them with windows, doors, ceiling fans. Flag balloons will also look great. Streamers rolled around stair, railings, and tables, will provide a better ambiance.

Hanging shade lamps: Illuminate outdoors with festive porch decorations. All you have to do is to glue assorted blue and red ribbons on plane white hanging lanterns or you can hang blue, red and white colored lanterns in a pattern in your living area or porch.

Festive Lanterns

Festive Lanterns

These decoration ideas will surely make your house liven up with patriotic aura. Just relax and you can think more of ideas. Don’t forget to stick with basic color theme of red, white and blue.

To check more July 4th decoration ideas keep looking this blog. For other suggestions click HERE.

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