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Cupids are now flying to knockout everyone with arrow of love and romance. As Valentine’s Day is just upon, all are busy in hunting a perfect gift to mesmerize dear ones. Valentine’s is time to kindle love, friendship and togetherness. Valentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to tell that “Yes, you care for them“, and it’s just the rush of life that sometimes take them away. Gifts are perfect way to shower love and affection. Whether you have been married for years or just started dating, selecting an exotic Valentine’s Day gift can surely cause sweat running your forehead. Traditional and exotic gift idea for Valentine’s Day is a combi of exquisite Wine and tempting Chocolates. Apart from being traditional this is one of most romantic gift for the day. As wine & champagne symbolize celebration and Chocolates intimate romance, so what else you need for the day.

wine and chocolates

Wine and chocolates combination goes very well for the occasion. More importantly you can get them without putting your pocket to fire. You can get a bottle of white, red, rose or any other wine of your choice that both of you would love to share. You can even find huge variety of mouth melting chocolates like Godiva, Hersheys, Ghirardelli and so on.. that will take you to another world. These dark tempting treats are perfect to ignite lusty passion of love and romance.

On Valentine’s Day plan a wonderful surprise by decorating home with scented candles, heart shaped balloons and decors items. Red, White and Pink are the colors for the day, so go with them to create¬† an electrifying atmosphere. Set a candle light dinner table with a bottle of wine or champagne and a bundle of chocolates. There’s nothing more romantic than cheering up wine glasses with your sweetie pie. This Valentine sink in the ocean of love with your honey to captivate endless romance.


Toast for Two

Toast for Two

Premium Whole Turkey- Hen

Premium Whole Turkey- Hen

Many people love to throw Thanksgiving dinner parties for their friends and family. Turkey is the classic fall meal, having been enjoyed for centuries with fresh harvest vegetables for Thanksgiving. People around the world are enjoying and celebrating a good harvest by eating fresh crops like squash, potatoes, corn, cranberry, along with turkey, venison, and fresh fish. But, they may avoid serving wine because they don’t know exactly what to serve. Which wine would go well with Turkey is a question which comes up often.

Turkey pairs well with both red or white wine depending on what you and your guests like. Turkey is adaptable and the way it cooked as well as other dishes really dictate what wine to pair it with.

If you’re normally a red wine drinker, then try a Pinot Noir to go with Turkey. It’s a lighter colored and flavored red wine. It’ll have a bit fuller flavor than white wine choices you might make but will match quite well with the meal. It has little tannin so it will not overpower the taste of meal. Continue>>

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