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Human life and fashion have a very basic similarity — they are Ever Changing! Neither life, nor fashion can ever remain constant. Trends in fashion move quite rapidly, means a style today is gone tomorrow. And this is what today’s youth demands, to be ahead of time. So, fashion cannot be side-lined at all. As a human nature, everybody wants to look unique and stylish, but this urge is quite prominent in teen age. Following latest fashion trends, imitating styles of celebrities, they put in their best of effort to make their own style statement.

There is an irresistible range of articles, which help us to enhance our looks. Make-up, apparels, shoes and what not; each category carries infinite options! All brands give the latest in trends and variety. So, picking relevant stuff is not difficult if one has an idea about upcoming fashion.

STUDS are a Hot pick of this season.

Studs on Apparels

Studs on Apparels

Studded outfits are making a real style statement this season. They are found everywhere including tees, tops, denim jeans, formal outfits, caps, shoes, belts, scarves, handbags and the list is endless. A simple outfit can be made appealing by use of studs. With their appearances on latest runway shows, they have become even more popular. Studs are typically associated with punk rock style. They not only add instant flair to everything from jeans to sandals, they also lend slight edginess to even the fussiest of fabrics.

Studded Apparels:

Many famous designers have come up with an entire collection of studded apparels. This rocker chic style was successfully incorporated in many fashion shows of famous designer brands like Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Steve Madden. Balmain’s fall 2009 collection was full of studs. From miniskirts to blazers, they were on everything. A simple dress, when embellished with studs gives a Stunning Impression. Not only dresses but all wearable items like jeans, jackets, and denims are carrying studs this season. Charm of these studs creates a Temptation for the on-looker, making it a Must-have in wardrobe. Continue>>

 CJ by Cookie Johnson Love Boyfriend Jeans

CJ by Cookie Johnson 'Love' Boyfriend Jeans

 CJ by Cookie Johnson Grace Bootcut Jeans

CJ by Cookie Johnson 'Grace' Bootcut Jeans

No doubt, Jeans are the most famed outfits all over the world. It’s availability in versatile shapes, types, designs, and colors has made it much more popular. But, in fashion world, there’s a growing demand of jeans that actually fits women with curvy figures.

There’s a new brand that has actually given a solution to this enigma. Wife of NBA legend Magic Johnson, and a graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Retailing of Clothing and Textiles, Cookie Johnson has teamed with Michael Glasser of Seven for All Mankind, to create a hip-and-shapely premium denim experience for women, sized 24 to 38. She masterfully completed her goal to fashion the perfect premium fit to those who are bit curvy around the backside.

The new Cj collection have a flattering boot cut to help balance out the hips. They not only look fab but they are comfy too.

Cj ‘Grace’ Bootcut Jeans has an embroidered logo details with one back pocket and a classic boot-cut with light stretch. There’s a single rhinestone to embellish the button closure too. This jean is generously cut in the right places to give a curvy shape to legs.

And the gorgy ‘Love’ Boyfriend Jean (right), flatters like no one else. Cookie’s modestly relaxed fit and dark rinse make this style more versatile, that complements everything from office heels and blazers to weekend tanks and tees.

Available in varieties like skinny, boot cut, and boyfriend jeans, this collection can be exclusively shopped at Nordstrom.


Mirror aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are the most popular and one of the oldest designs of sunglasses among all. These sunglasses have an oversized teardrop-shaped lens and thin metal frame.

Earlier these were used only by military persons and NASA astronauts only but now they are liked and worn by every kind of person. Infact, it has become a symbol of style statement today.

There are so many styles and shapes of aviator sunglasses in the market, that it’s difficult to find the suitable for oneself. The classic range, have a dark metal frame with reflective lenses while the modern sunglasses offers square lenses, with funky colors in a very wide range. One of the very popular sunglass is the mirrored lens which many film stars prefer to wear. These are best with point of view, protection and style.

Heine Silver Sunglasses

Heine Silver Sunglasses

Typical of their job, these sunglasses are hardy and designed to keep strong wind, sunlight and dust out of the wearer’s eyes. The aviator sunglasses are dark colored to give the wearer abundant protection from flashy light.

Aviators are androgynous, meaning that these are wearable by both men and women. They are Usually preferred in black and brown tinged lenses, other popular shades are green, blue, gray, and violet coming in a variety of frames, among which gold plated frames are the most favored.

Protect your eyes with harmful ultraviolet radiation of sun with these cool looking sunglasses.

{March 31, 2009}   Plus Size Apparel

Beauty is not limited to size and so women’s plus size clothing have established a place in the fashion industry. Plus-size dresses also look artistic and attractive with the new styles and designs.

Internet is also right place to start shopping of such clothing. The beautifully designed and well shaped dresses for plus women are the most clothes among the large size ladies. For slimmer look, plus size women prefer to wear designer made stylish dresses which can enhance their beauty.

Shopping for plus sized clothing can be a real job. Nowadays there are so many clothing merchants that let you shop for clothing online. While shopping online, you can get the latest fashionable clothes, just all you need to do is first get measured in order to know which sizes fit you and know your body well to find the best clothes with the right cuts and patterns. A wardrobe for the full-figured woman is easy if one knows what to look for. There are certain clothing items that should be a staple in a larger woman`s closet. It is actually simple to establish your own wardrobe collection for the plus size woman as long as you have an idea of what it is needed. >>read more

{March 23, 2009}   Funny Shoppers

Might have seen many funny videos, but here is another hilarious. All seem to be perfect in BasketBall, and do look at the guy in the last shot. It’s amazing.

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