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Twitter is officially getting dumbed down.

For the second time in less than two months, Twitter has changed its @reply system, this time by removing an option that has existed for many months in an effort to appease confused newcomers.

The basic premise behind the @reply system is that it allows you to create a semi-public conversation with another Twitter user. To prevent you from having to listen in to conversations you might not care about, the default setting has long been to only show these @replies if you were following both people in the conversation. And that’s the choice most people stuck with.

But there was an option to receive all @reply messages from any users you were following. This led to an increase in noise, but it also exposed you to new Twitter users and conversations that you might have otherwise missed out on. I’ve had it turned on for over a year. But apparently that option has confused too many people, so Twitter is killing it. >> read more

Twitter has been gaining tremendous popularity in the past couple of years. In fact its user list is increasing many folds day by day. But at the same time there have been some minor issues involved with them like hacking of @Obama, @Britney, @FaceBook, and many other celebrity accounts in Jan 09. >> read details

Recently we also saw Twitter privacy issues over the @Skype account, where Stephanie Robesky, while serving at Skype created this account on Twitter, and eventually forgot about. But some Twitter employee passed on this information to Skype, which turned out to be the reason for Stephanie anguish in her blog post.

Today in news in the massively popular account of @CNNBrk , with a huge fan following. It has been confirmed that this Twitter account has now been acquired by CNN for a high premium.

But even with all these fact, Twitter remains one of the most loved place where Tweepls like @BeShirtHappy , @Guruvan , @BuzzEdition , @MisterNoodle , @nsane8 , @THEDIAMONDCOACH  , @iwritecopy , @jdysaxby and many more, share ideas, links, ReTweet, Emotions, Feelings to make it all the more happier place.

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At times it might feel odd to see a POST for Twitter on this blog. But I just can’t help it out, since I love Twitter so much. I do keep on looking for Twitter Tips and today found a good one. It’s a BIG list of Twitter Apps. Check it out

Welcome to Twitterapps! – I have 275 Twitter applications at the moment

Twitter applications can be called by different names. They are sometimes called as “twitter tools”, “twitter add-ons” and the likes. But whatever the name they are called, they are simply websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter. >> read more


For a long I had been thinking which one is better : FaceBook  or Twitter . Had been using both of these top social media sites, and love them equally too. At times I do feel that Twitter is better given its simplicity and ease of use, and then next I feel that Facebook is better given the huge gamoth of features and applications it supports.

The debate is long and here is one of articles which gave me insight to most of the points I thought of. And yes do follow me @Twitter DealRocker @ Twitter




The phenomenon of social networking is still in its infancy and it remains to be seen exactly which network might become the 800-pound gorilla in the space. It is reminiscent of the dotcom 90s, when I worked in the search industry; dozens of venture-backed search firms battled for dominance and search appeared to become a commodity, with limited monetization potential, or so we all thought at the time.

There are now so many social networks vying for users that even the most elite “Digerati” have trouble keeping up with the ever-shifting landscape. And most are still struggling to find effective monetization strategies, casting doubt on their long term survival and pointing to massive consolidation at some point. >> read more

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