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The world renowned and prestigious brand Bulgari recently introduced it’s latest addition to the Assioma D ladies watch collection, Assioma D in steel and diamonds and Parentesi Cocktail jewelry collection.

Have a look on most extravagant and dazzling pieces of the collection! >> read more…..

Bulgari’s latest ladies chic Watches and Jewelry

Bulgari’s latest ladies chic Watches and Jewelry

In fashion world, accessories come and go. But one accessory that has survived from years and is currently making a comeback in fashion world, is the brooch. Brooches have instant style and are mainly used for the purpose of fashion and aesthetics.

Multi-Color Crystal Flower Wreath Brooch

Multi-Color Crystal Flower Wreath Brooch

Gold Sapphire Diamond Brooch

Gold Sapphire Diamond Brooch


Silvertone CZ Snowflake Pin

Most of us think brooches are for old ladies. But women who have good fashion sense are happy to wear a brooch, as its a wonderful substitute to other kinds of pins, clips and buttons to hold dress up in a proper way.

You can also use a brooch to enhance the look of your outfit. There are so many beautifully designed pins and brooches out there to choose from. All you have to do is to select a brooch that goes perfect with dress and occasion. From a bold statement-making brooch to a smaller, more classic vintage brooch, they can add a dose of style to the outfit.

Brooches are available in various designs, patterns, and colors. Designers are coming with beautiful designs which are hard to avoid. Butterfly and flower brooches are considered as no ending trend.

The nice thing about a brooch is it’s versatility. With a brooch, we can tighten a dress that’s too big, wear it as a hairclip, pin it to the bottom of a skirt, secure the scarves and pashminas, attach to handbags for unique style, and wear it on a chain to create our own necklace.

You can found a lovely selection of vintage brooches at stores like Overstock, Silver Shake and Jewel Basket. You can find a huge variety of designer brooches there.

Women with petite or smaller frames are always searching for ways and tips to provide them a slimmer and taller look. It is not a hard task. With right and proper knowledge of dressing style, one can look as the way desired. We’re here with some of the fantastic tips to look taller and slimmer.

Tip #1: Always wear monochromatic dress, that means one dark color from top to bottom.

Tip #2: Choose dark colors like black, navy blue, brown, and chocolate. Dresses with metallic color also provide a taller look but they should not be too lustrous and loud. If you want to choose trendy styles, then go for small print dresses. The smaller the print, the more you look slimmer.

Tip #3: Choose vertically elongated and evenly spared striped clothes rather than horizontal striped designs, as they’ll make you look wider. You can wear scarves lightly tied with dangling ends.

Tip #4: Broad belts should be avoided because they’ll cover a huge body portion giving a shorter look. Use thinner belts tied loosely that will not show your problem areas.

Tip #5: Wear long and thin wired necklaces with pendants, and avoid chokers. Long necklaces will give you an elongated look while heavy ones will make you look too bulky.

Tip #6: Don’t feel shy in choosing clothes that fits your frame. Avoid loose-fitted, boxy and bulky clothes. Nothing can emphasize curves better than a great-fitting dress. And yeah, don’t pack yourself in blazers and cardigans. Leave them unbuttoned.

Tip #7: Choose your shoes with thin soles, medium to high heel that matches to the outfit. It will give a thinner look to legs. Chunky and shoes with straps should be avoided.

Tip #8: V-necks always provide a taller and slimmer profile. But be careful while wearing deeper necks.

Tip #9: Dresses like capris, empire waist tops and A-line skirts provide a gorgy look to petite frames.

Tip #10: Be confident while wearing any dress. It will groom your chic.

High heel sandals, no doubt, are the most liked and beautiful among all women shoes. Elegant high heel incarnates glamor and femininity! It’s an accessory that tremendously affect your complete, head-to-toe appearance and re-ups the natural feminine charm.

If you’re looking for new and stylish heels at different stores, then your search ends here. is here with its new, hot and stylish arrivals that will make you look stunning on any type of dress and occasion.

Chinese Laundry : Baldwin Heel - Mink Satin

Chinese Laundry : Baldwin Heel - Mink Satin

Flow yourself in this fun fabric sandal from Chinese Laundry with a knotted detail at the vamp, an open toe front, covered 4 1/2 inch heel and 3/4 inch platform with an adjustable ankle strap and jewel embellished buckle costing $69.99.

Luichiny : Stella Blue Heel - Black

Luichiny : Stella Blue Heel - Black

This bow-backed heel will surely to bring a smile to your faces. The Stella Blue 3 ½ inch self-covered stiletto heel by Luichiny has a sleek black satin upper with an open-toe, crisscrossing straps over the foot, and a heel counter zip closing with a dainty bow pricing $79.99.

Rocawear : Angee Sandal - Silver

Rocawear : Angee Sandal - Silver

Dazzle your look with this fabulous Rocawear’s Angee stiletto heel! It’s metallic silver, sky high 4 ½ inch heel with silver bunched straps with the Rocawear charms on the upper and also hanging off the ankle and comes for $89.99.

Martinez Valero : Corrine - White Satin

Martinez Valero : Corrine - White Satin

Corrine, the elegant, beautiful and flowy sandal from Martinez Valero features dainty white satin throughout with a hard to resist T-strap and an adjustable ankle strap. But what makes this footwear ultra charming is the row of delicate fabric petal cut outs at the center and a 3 ¾ inch heel giving a splendid finishing touch with a pricing of $134.99.

Hmmm… aren’t these hot and gorgeous? So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab them!

Spring charm stretch bracelet

Spring charm stretch bracelet

Moon and Stars Pearl charm bracelet

"Moon and Stars" Pearl charm bracelet

“It’s all about Beauty with power”

Wearing of charms on wrist, have begun as a form of ornament to ward off evil spirits or bad luck from life. But now they’re worn not only to keep evils away, also as a fashion accessory with a concept in itself. Some people use charms as family heirlooms, lasting for years.

Though materials and designs on them have been changed time-to-time, but the concept itself has never gone out of style. Charm bracelet designers have influenced current trend and taken the jewelry world up by bringing its glamor back.

Get in bloomy mood with this fun and funky charm bracelet (left). It includes all signs of blooms, like four leaf clovers, butterflies, flowers and sparrows. Its positive vibrations will make you feel happy throughout the day.

The original bracelet from Bali (right) comes with dynamic composure. Designed by Buana, this sterling silver bracelet includes pearl moons and shooting stars symbolizing beauty with calmness.

Charms come in many forms and shapes, like sterling silver or gold shapes representing your zodiac sign, gems and stones, religious affiliation, any athletic activity, that makes it unique, personal and eye appealing.

These bracelets can prove a best gift to a friend or near one to realize that you and your best wishes is always with her throughout life…

New Ombre Butterfly Tee

New Ombre Butterfly Tee

Brittany Babydoll Butterfly Top

Brittany Babydoll Butterfly Top

Comfortable ready-to-wear purview of clothing starts from T-Shirts. They have always been believed as mere essentials and a building block of fashion.With hot summers on, both men and women find them equally relaxing for providing some relief from scorching heat and sun.

Most women’s casual wear T-Shirts come in pastel shades with various styles and designs. Women’s fashion tees are making an arrival this fall in tighter, shape-hugging silhouettes with soft, luxurious fabrics, giving an advantage to the women with slimmer figure.

Butterfly print tees, are the most favorite among girls. Signing off from simple butterfly prints, there are some very beautifully designed patterns for gals, who want some extra beyond relax and comfort.

G by Guess offers a wide range of beautifully designed tees which will groom your personage. The sweet Ombre tee with pretty butterflies and whimsical flowers create a flirty backdrop with sparkling rhinestones. Available in three colors this tee defines your figure in a perfect way. Look at the Sweet babydoll shape top (right) with a V front and back. Colorful butterflies and rhinestones sparkle adds a dose of edge with slash detail, lending a rocker vibe to this burnout top.

When someone sees styles, patterns and colors of these tees, a fairly common response comes, “Wow!”  You’ll surely love them at one sight. There are really so distinct, elegant and refreshing that will keep you cool and catchy throughout the day!

Just add wings to your style…

Pearl flower necklace, White Pearl Bouquet

Pearl flower necklace, 'White Pearl Bouquet'

Pearl and rose quartz choker, Gardenia Garland

Pearl and rose quartz choker, 'Gardenia Garland'

“There is no beauty like flowers in this World.”

It’s so true! Flowers possess an astonishing beauty in themselves. That’ why, they are the idea originators of all modern jewelry designers. It’s not only brides who want floral jewelry. Every women, whether she’s a mom, grandma, bridesmaid, flower girls, or a juvenile, all of them  love to wear a floral jewelry.

Floral necklaces and pendants are among the most liked accessories of women. Because they not only represent an air of femininity, grace and beauty but also add a charm to your personality. Be it be any season or occasion, or what your style may be, there are an array of floral designs to choose, starting from simple silver sterling floral jewelry to diamond florals.

One best thing about these necklaces is that they go with any type of dress whether its an evening wear or a casual. This season focuses on  dainty flower, and mini floral, which can be worked into any trend-setter’s collection.

Novica provides some of the best floral designer necklaces of any budget you want. Featured with pearls and faceted beads, the Gardenia Garland(left) has luxurious petals of rose quartz and opulent blossoms in a choker necklace. The elegant Pearl flower necklace(right), cascades delicate array with white tendrils and floral buds, which makes it a wonderfully designed necklace.

These fresh, new styles are taking place of clunky-bulky adornments, allowing all women to show off a piece of floral jewelry made just for them.

Heart-throbing Floral Necklace

Heart-throbing Fierry Blossom Necklace

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara

Amodel wearing pulse perfection mascara

A model wearing pulse perfection mascara

Maybelline’s new Define-a-Lash Pulse Perfection Mascara is one that creates ultimate lash look with 7,000 vibrations per minute and 7 synchronized actions, which includes luscious thickness, luxurious length, smooth separation, intensive color, shapely curve, healthy luster and zero clumps. WOW!!

There’s no need of an eye lash curler any more… Improve the eye’s look with its vibration feature which works with above sync actions. There’s no need to use this mascara in a zig zag way as its vibrator does it all and makes lashes evenly spread out. It will feel like you’re combing and massaging your eye lashes. It will add a natural spark to your eyes. It is available in both waterproof and washable formulas in shades of very black and blackest black.

So, why pay $30 – $40 for other vibrating mascara when this product costs less than $20 and does exact same thing? Just try, you’ll definitely LOVE it!!

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