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{April 5, 2010}   Mens Hairstyles for Spring-Summer 2010

It may not be a shock to the people to know that now a days men also give much pride to their appearances. Earlier, more emphasis were given on women’s style, clothing, haircuts etc, but as the world has changed, things also changed. These days stress is also laid on men’s styles, hairstyle, accessories and clothing. So now guys have also become more particular and concerned about their looks and especially haircut, as it deeply affects appearance.

Every man needs a regular haircut. Weather he has long or short hairstyle or even if one prefers to keep a seasonal hairstyle, each hairstyle requires much maintenance and care. In our previous section, we have discussed about Womens Spring 2010 Hairstyles. And now, we are discussing about some trendy, popular and classy Men’s Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2010.

In spring/summer 2010, the most popular trend of men’s hairstyle is short hairs. Many men including celebrities like Ricky Martin, Pierce Brosnan, Matt Lanter, Antonio Sabato, and Tobey Maguire prefer short hairs because it helps them to look more masculine, sexy, strong, stylish. It gives them a cleaner look and girls like this clean and clear look. For short length hair, keep one thing in mind that hairs must be equal on the top. And exciting feature of short hair is that it can suit any face-cut except the square-cut face.

mens short hairstyle trend

Mens Short Hairstyle Trend

There was an era when short haircuts were the standard for men, but this style statement has been changed from couples of years, and long hairs are very much into trend in 2010. Newest way to wear long hair is with lots of texture and long layers. Long hairs look very appealing if they are carried out with right attitude and right hair texture and complement to your personality. Many styles with long hairs could be seen on various websites, magazines or on TV. Johnny Depp, Keith Urban, Lenny Kravitz are some of the celebs who look very hot in long haircuts. And guys, if you have kept long hairs, you can also opt Braided Hairstyle.

mens long hairstyle trends

Mens Long Hairstyle Trends

Everyone like changes, and changes are admired. Many women believe that style makes a man look more sexy and trendy. Gone are the days when men usually preferred a short haircut or no haircut at all. But now men usually like to change their hairstyles according to the fashion and trend which is recently going on. This season classy hairstyles are also in a trend, they can go with both short and long hairs. Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are some of the celebs who were caught with this hairstyle in 2010. This hair style look best on formal occasions.

mens classic hairstyles trend

Mens Classic Hairstyles Trend

Your hairstyle is certainly not in a scene, if you have not changed your hairstyle according to new trend, which is playing this season. For 2010, many hairstyles are available for men to adopt. But one thing should be kept in mind the haircut should be such that, it suits your personality and face-cut. It should not be such that it look like a mesh on your head. So guys, get in the hottest hairstyle for spring 2010!!


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